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23 06 2018

Guest post by Puggg

This week is mostly local stuff.

This is going to take place a week from today.  Cottle getting himself in the middle of the matter is I think not so much about him having an opinion about the protests or protesters, but it’s his way of indicating that he knows it will happen and sending a silent message (dog whistle?) to the protesters that the deputies in Lincoln County and the B&Ws in Troy will be ready and watching them all to make sure they don’t get out of control.

This already took place yesterday.  I wonder why they care so much.

Why does the city aldermanic board care so much?  Immigration isn’t their purview, under their control.

He unfortunately died since then, so their charges will soon be upgraded to at least manslaughter if not murder.  It says here that of the two suspects, one is a man, one is a woman.  Damned if I can tell which is which.

Because marketing to kids is something they never do.

I bet if they didn’t show this movie, she would be finding some pretext to complain.

You can make of this what you want, but there’s a lot of things that aren’t expected to happen on a first date.

One of the things our Blogmeister talks about often here is how the Feds are handling ordinary street crime more and more.  Here is an example that just popped up.

Here’s another example of that.

I guess it’s asking too much of 30 year olds to grow up, but 71 year olds should.  You will notice that this is father, son, same last name, father is white, son is mixed, meaning what is called around here “oil drilling”.

Because she knew a camera was on her, time to show out.

I watched a few seconds, which is all I could stand, of the “music” of this “xxxtentacion” goofball, and all it was was a bunch of noise.  So even if I was someone who had the knack for jumping off of high places for the sake of singers, I wouldn’t do that for this one.

I couldn’t have barked it better myself.

Lewiston, ME has been getting bad with Somalians for a long time, even longer since I’ve been really paying attention to the kind of news we do.  It was only a matter of time that something like this was going to happen.

I was real interested in this story, because it wasn’t so long ago that jail guard and inmate transport duty was most of my day to day work.

A 4% clearance rate for robberies and a 3% clearance rate for burglaries in England and Wales last year.  But they can sure find people who write mean tweets and stream outside of courthouses.

Now, have at it.  It’s all yours.  Bark away.




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23 06 2018
Alright Dan

Yeah it might do that, but what it would probably do is give that neighbor hood the reputation as having houses that are only worth $1, and keep it bad, not counting all the other reasons why would stay bad anyway.

23 06 2018
Alright Dan

I see what you did there, telling thug Jaquarious don’t even bother trying for a scholarship, hiding this behind gun issue politics. Young dudes who use guns for the right reasons don’t tend to show themselves doing that on social media, while the Jaquariouses who use them for the wrong reasons are dumb enough to do that.

23 06 2018
Nobody In Particular

Picture from your 4th item

Cripes, what the hell is this?

24 06 2018

One on the left is a 20 year old man, one on the right is an 18 year old woman. I would believe you if you would tell me that it was the other way around.

24 06 2018

Greetings and good late Sunday evening from Prague.

My hot takes on the open thread items:

#2: My bet is that most of them have hired illegal alien domestic help. If not, they’re just generic far left UCC style church ladies.

#3: It’s the Bloomberg Doctrine at work. That is, the more your local officials scream about national and international issues way out of their jurisdiction, the worse are the local services they actually have control over. Also in the case of St. Louis, it’s because the civic elite want to import a brown undertow in order to do battle with the black undertow and drive the latter out of the city.

#4: You know who to send this to.

#5: Reads more like a Tony Messenger column, maybe he ghostwrote her column because she’s on vacation this week. Really, though, this is a P-D byline, not a reprint of a national wire story, so the purpose was the local angle on the ZOMG GENERATION ZYKLON LOL~!!!!!1 screeching. What’s strange about that is that she names a bunch of local institutions and people on their side, but when she gets around to our people, they’re all national figures. I was hoping that she’d give this blog some publicity. After all, it’s St. Louis’s only Alt-Right node, even when I’m on the other side of the world.

#6: Jamilah NashWeed didn’t complain over “12 Years a Slave” or “Django Unchained.” Because they were black people brutalizing white people.

#7: Mudshark

#8: Felon in possession is an easy rap, but the thing to take away there is this part about “interference of [interstate] commerce by way of robbery.” That’s the Hobbs Act, passed in 1946 to deal with the Mafia. Several years ago, the Feds started to apply it to garden variety armed robberies of establishments, because virtually all such establishments purchase at least one item for retail sale in a way that involves products crossing state lines, “interstate commerce.”

#9: Jensen is blowing smoke out of his dark places over this bit about “He says the federal court system has better resources and programs to help those charged and convicted. Jensen says the re-arrest rate five years after an individual leaves federal supervision is 7.5 percent” being the reason why the Feds are handling more and more garden variety street crime. The real reasons, which I think he knows, but he knows he dare not say publicly, is because a Federal trial means a way wider jury pool meaning far reduced chances of a Bronx Jury, and Federal criminal charges on garden variety street crime tend to be process crimes that are way easier to prove, and also the Feds will imprison the person to reduce overcrowding in state prisons. As far as this bit about the low recidivism rate of convicted Federal felons (compared to the states), that’s only because, historically, the Feds only handled the kind of crimes where the person committing them would not be in a position to commit them again once he got out of prison, precisely because he was convicted of the thing to begin with. The Feds send away some Gordon Gekko type for a few years, then he gets out. Of course he’s a low risk for recidivism, because who’s going to trust him with more than two plug nickels ever again? In contrast to Dontravious — No matter if it’s state prison or Federal prison he leaves, he’ll be able to get back into whatever illegal street hustle he was involved in before he went in, and inevitably get arrested again for something. Now that the Feds are increasingly involving themselves in garden variety black street crime, I predict the recidivism rate for released Federal prison inmates will (“unexpectedly”) start going way up in the near future.

#11: See #4

#12: First I ever heard of him was from Colin Flaherty, of all people. This has to make him sad, because he has now been deprived of a content provider source.

When I first heard of this, in what little I could pay attention, the consensus was rap beef. That got refuted because he really wasn’t in one. Then it was robbery gone wrong. Then the suspect who was made and nailed gets popped with a Murder 1 rap. If it was robbery gone wrong, then it would have been only Murder 2. Which means the cops found evidence of premed. As it turns out, XXXTentacion was flossing the cold hard cash he was going to use to go buy himself a donorcycle all over social media, some local nearby opportunistic scavenger saw it and recognized XXX and his location and destination, followed him around, cornered him, murdered him, and took the loot. The reason the suspect was so easily made and arrested? You guessed it, he flossed the looted cash all over social media whilst basically confessing to the murder. Thereby providing the cops with prob-cause for premed.

Which goes to prove my axiom: If they had brains, they’d be dangerous, but thankfully, they’re not that dangerous.

#15: This shows the dangers of trying to scale up social science experiments done on elite niches of the population (Stanford profs and students) to the general public and society.

24 06 2018
Hard Right

Black Twitter….

25 06 2018
Hard Right

Doesn’t the State track serial numbers on lottery tickets?

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