Open Thread, Special Monday Edition

25 06 2018

Guest post by Puggg

Two of these are too good to save until Saturday, so I am going to give them to you now.


Nobody should really be that surprised that the recent investment in Ferguson hasn’t taken place in the part of Ferguson which has in the last few years suddenly developed a reputation for the people around there burning things down on a whim just because they got angry over what turns out to be nothing.


This wants you think that the only reason why there seems to be so many black gangbangers in Chicago is that the cops are erroneously putting black people into the gang member database.  I think once they go back through and take out all the false positives, first off, there probably aren’t that many false positives, these false positives are isolated incidents and only a small percent of the whole goon list, but the race percentages of the false positives are probably close to the race percentages of the whole goon list.  What I mean by that is that the 70% black 25% Latino breakdown in the goon list won’t change.

One of the other things I’m picking up on is that the immigration matter is related to this matter, because it’s easier to deport a documented gangbanger than it is just your ordinary every day illegal alien.


It says they’re still searching for suspects and a motive.  Here’s a motive for you, coming from a detective far away from the scene here in flyover country.  It happened at a California campground.  Illegal alien, Mexican drug gang, smuggling or growing.  I bet the victim was “in the wrong place at the wrong time” (I hate that excuse because it blames the victim) and saw people doing things, those kind of people didn’t want him seeing them doing those things, and disposed of a potential witness.




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25 06 2018
David In TN

Calabasas has been described as “Upper Middle Class.” That was 20 some years ago. Staying outside overnight at a public park in California would be dangerous IMO for the reasons Puggg gave above.

25 06 2018

That, or the victim’s wife.

25 06 2018

Good late evening from Pilsen, Czech Republic.

We spent five days in the Czech Republic, exploring Usti, Prague, Ceske Budejovice, Cesky Krumlov and Pilsen.

But tomorrow, it’s Farewell to Czechs, as we head back into Germany, namely to Nuremberg. And no, not on some Burt Lancaster or Judy Garland stuff.

If you’re a St. Louisan, and you pay close chronic attention to the news, especially business news, one of these listed towns might ring a bell. If you can’t figure it out on your own, you’ll have to wait for my travelogue.

Anyway, these URLs are some really good finds. I would deep dive them if I had the time, but you’ll just have to settle for my hot takes in comment form.


There was already a Starbucks in Ferguson, long before the famous one that Howie christened opened for business. In fact, the one I’m thinking of was opened long before the riots, and it’s very close to the Fergaza Strip itself.

Besides, aren’t black people supposed to hate Starbucks these days?

There is already a grocery retailer very close to the Fergaza Strip. There’s a Schnucks just up the hill in the box farm that sits where that mall used to. The box farm is called Buzz Westfall Plaza. Can’t remember what the mall was called. Anyway that Schnucks was already open at the time of the riots.

So, if the contention is that grocery stores and coffee houses prevent riots, we already have an instant refutation.

But here’s the most important thing about that story that everyone else is missing:

It contains light at the end of the tunnel for Ferguson. At the very least, the dystopian scenarios will be avoided, and it may mean that Ferguson has something of a decent and serviceable future.

It says that the apartment farms on the Fergaza Strip are really emptying out.

Now, that’s really bad news for wherever they’re going to, but good news for Ferguson. Because the problem dindus are voluntarily leaving.

Ferguson might be a good place to park some short to medium term smart money where you can afford some measure of risk. Just not long term, because of the 78% black FFSD school district.


The gang database, and Chicago’s gang bangers in general, mostly black, yet the photo collage in this article is of Hispanics. That’s a bit curious.

My cynicism has taught me that wherever there are illegal alien Latino gang bangers, there are only two degrees of separation away from rich people who hire cheap domestic servants, the degree between them are the relatives of the gang bangers who work as domestic servants. My cynicism therefore informs me that said rich people are behind this lawsuit, to keep the relatives of their domestic servants from being misclassified as gang bangers, and therefore, make it much harder to deport them.

My cynicism also informs me of something else: In New York, with the NYPD, and the days of Stop-Question-Frisk (SQF), while those SQFed were way blacker and more Latino than the city’s population, (and SQF opponents never tired of reminding us of that), compared to the universe of those arrested for serious and violent felonies, the universe of those SQFed were actually whiter than the universe of those arrested for violent felonies. Even if it was a small percentage in both cases. Which means one of two things were happening: The cops were finding stretch-the-point pretenses to SQF more whites than they otherwise should have, just to include more whites in the SQF stats, to make the civil rights loudmouths happy. Or, something else that I have heard through the grapevine, that some New York whites, who wanted SQF to continue, gave permission to NYPD cops they knew to pull them over and SQF them for no real reason at all, knowing nothing would be found, so that the NYPD could register another white subject to SQF, precisely to shut up the civil rights loudmouths and keep SQF going, as SQF was making life hard for black and Latino criminals. As you can see, neither thing actually placated the civil rights loudmouths.

What does this all mean, applying it to the Chicago gang member database?

It says that 5% of those on the list are white. I happen to think that they’re deliberately finding pretexes to stretch the point just to get a few white people on the database. If they didn’t, then the database wouldn’t even be 1% white.

You also read on this list that one of the people complaining is stating that “the database names just 23 people as members of white supremacist organizations.” This being Chicago, I wouldn’t expect there to be any more than 23. In reality, those 23 are probably more like three people the cops really need to worry about. (Also note that a “white supremacist organization” is NOT a gang.) Like I wrote above, the cops are stretching the point in order to turn those three into 23.


Various keynote national parks in California and the west have been taken over from time to time by Mexican dope cartels for the purposes of cultivating weed and hiding out and conducing covert business in a place where nobody would expect them to do any of those things. So, your theory is plausible.

28 06 2018
Hard Right

More Nineteenth Amendment News

A women’s studies researcher says she examined the genitals of 10,000 dogs for her study on canine “rape culture” this month.

28 06 2018
Hard Right

Sounds like somebody took Milo’s advice….

Annapolis newsroom shooting leaves 5 people dead; suspect in custody, officials say

30 06 2018
Hard Right

UCF professor accused of stalking student: ‘Be happy that somebody likes you this much to stalk you’

A University of Central Florida professor is facing stalking charges after a Ph.D student says he sent her more than 800 messages per day and watched her work out through the window at her gym.

Ali Borji, a 39-year-old assistant professor in the school’s Department of Computer Science, was arrested at his on-campus office Thursday night. He faces two charges of stalking — both misdemeanors.

30 06 2018
Hard Right

Selfie Girl Dana Loesch Attacked by Wannabe Negro Shaun King

A noted Black Lives Matter activist misleadingly accused NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch of calling for journalists to be beaten to death.

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