My Wildest Dreams

27 06 2018

Ingolstadt, Germany

We have already made our way through the Czech Republic and back into Germany.

Yes, I watched this afternoon’s World Cup game from a beer hall here in Ingolstadt.  BTW, Ingolstadt, which only looks like a dot on the map, is a real powerhouse town, considering the fact that it’s not one of those German cities that non-Germans have heard of and can readily identify and place in Germany.  But, more on that in the travelogue.

We were still in the Czech Republic when Germany played its second game back on Saturday.  Understandably, Czechs just aren’t that into German soccer, so no beer hall soccer watching.  The good part about the game is that Germany came back and won — Had they lost, they would have been eliminated from the playoffs, meaning this afternoon’s game would have been a meaningless formality.  Because they won, today’s game meant something, which made for a way more interesting few hours in the beer hall.

Unfortunately for German fans, Germany lost this afternoon’s game, South Korea scored two goals entirely in the extra time period of the second half, to add insult to injury.  Sweden won its game, so the only way Germany could have made the playoffs was to win the game versus South Korea outright.  So, no playoffs for Germany.  Deutschland Deutschland uber nobody in the division.  The only slightly good part about that for me is this:  The championship final for the whole World Cup is on July 15, and come hell or high water, we fly home on July 14.  I was worried for awhile that Germany would make it to the final game, yet we’d have to leave the day before, meaning we wouldn’t be in Germany to watch it.  Which I’m sure would have been quite the experience.  But, that won’t be a problem now.  I know nil about soccer, but even I could see that this iteration of the German national team, even if they made the playoffs, did not have it in them to win three consecutive games against other playoff teams in this tournament, which is what they would have needed to do to make the championship game.

In spite of it all, I got to watch two German World Cup soccer games while in Germany, the first game and this afternoon’s game, from Wittenberg and Ingolstadt, respectively.  And during both games, the atmosphere was so electric and so charged and so surreal, that it would make a Birmingham sports bar during an autumn Saturday afternoon or evening while ‘Bama is playing seem like the overnight at a retirement home, by comparison. I don’t like soccer, but I’ve never had so much fun doing something I don’t like. Hell, I myself got so charged up and full of the energy that I felt like personally invading Poland and the Sudetenland. (So to speak, because we have already been to both places, albeit on much friendlier terms.)

In a trip that has thus far had many great surprises and generated quite a few lifelong memories, one of which I’m about to hint around, this one is right up there with the best of them.

Beyond that, the German media will commence many months of a funeral dirge, starting in three, two, one…


Now, to the point of this post — At some point in our time inside the Czech Republic, something extraordinarily good happened to me, something I wasn’t expecting to happen at all when we embarked on this voyage.  Let me just put it to you this way — We made an extra surprise unplanned stop at a given Czech town, and while there, I was able to come as close as I’ll ever get in this world to solving a long standing family mystery going back four generations.

I started this voyage with reasonably high expectations, meaning I figured that, just by pure observation, I would able to trigger racial memory to figure out where in Germany and the Czech Republic I got the biggest tingling feelings.  Just for full disclosure, my Czech and German lineages are poorly documented before the immigrating generation on each line, which means I do not actually know any individuals in either country that are confirmed relatively distant cousins of mine.  Same goes for my Italian line, though I know from DNA testing that the Italian in me is heavily Po River Valley.  What do you call people from the Po Valley?  Po folks.  Rimshot.  Also, in case you’re wondering, Italy is not on the itinerary, because that would have added way more time and way more expense.  If I ever can make another international trip, that’s where I’m headed.  Since I’m Lutheran, I already knew that I was way more likely to get the tingling feeling in northern Germany than southern Germany.  My English lineage, coming from my father’s mother, is, unlike my other ethnic lines, very well documented going back a very long time, which is how I know my English is South Coast and Midlands, though in that case, the colonizing generations were much farther back than the immigrating generations in my German, Czech and Italian lines, meaning that confirmable distant cousins back in England are way more distant in terms of degrees.   In spite of that, I have no desire to visit Cuck Island/Ukistan anytime soon.  Our flight path took us over it on the way coming here and it will on the way going home, but that’s as close as I feel like coming to it.

The upshot of all that is that I’m heavily reliant on racial memory and tingling feelings, in the context of this voyage.  And, as far as that goes, I’ve had some really promising tingling feelings in Germany itself.  (Hint:  Rhine-Ruhr Region except Dortmund.)  Not to mention this extra stop in the Czech Republic, where I am now 99.99% certain I was looking at third and fourth cousins in the eyes.  But this long standing family mystery I just referred to — I had zero expectation of ending this voyage being any the wiser than I was when I started it.  But, here I be, all the wiser.

Because of the personal nature of all this, I have to keep all the details, including the name of the town, under the vest.  As usual, I’ll tell you only if I know you and trust you.  I have already written out a form letter response to cut and paste that fills in all the blanks.


Here has been our itinerary since last we talked, leaving out the extra town in the Czech Republic:

Luther Region -> Dresden -> Usti -> Prague -> Ceske Budejovice -> Cesky Krumlov -> Prague -> Pilsen -> Nuremberg -> Ingolstadt

There is a hint in the name of one of these towns that will explain why we as St. Lousians made it our business to stop there.  It will come to you if you have paid close attention to local business news for awhile.  If you can’t figure it out, then you’ll just have to wait for the travelogue.

This voyage is succeeding beyond my reasonable expectations and on level with my wildest dreams.  Even if it ended now, it would be the defining experience of my life.  But we still have a lot of time to spare and territory to traverse — We don’t leave the continent and return home until July 14.  Which means we have a lot more time for potentially many more surprises.

Oops, did I say that I’d be on this trip for almost all of June?  I fibbed, I meant virtually all of June and half of July.  Now I know that advice I got to bring along two months of meds and get a two month Schengen Zone travel visa was spot on.




7 responses

27 06 2018

Ceske Budejovice having something to do with Budweiser?

27 06 2018
Alright Dan

I think I know where you’re headed next. Dude, you’re gonna love it. While you’re there, bring me back a BMW as a souvenir.

28 06 2018

I intend on bringing back the entire city of Munich as a souvenir, along with a little piece of the Alps as an accessory. I think all that would fit in my suitcase, and that it’ll get past American customs.

28 06 2018
28 06 2018

You should see TV.

14 07 2018

I would say that Merkel and her welcoming of the hordes has made Germany the ultimate in Cuckanistan.

18 07 2018
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