She Called Them The Taliban.

27 06 2018

Guest post by Puggg

Jamilah Nasheed, a fan favorite around here (lol), wants more state help to help in the city’s violent crime wave.  Here is Channel 2’s version and here is Channel 4’s version.

Comment away, because I know you all will have a lot to say about this.  All I want to know is what she thinks they will be able to do that the regular city B&Ws can’t, or won’t, or are prevented from doing.




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27 06 2018
27 06 2018

I’ll have a blog post after I’m done writing this comment and before I power down for the night, updating everyone on the itinerary and hinting at some very good personal news.

As far as this, we keep hearing contradictory things on whether 2018 YTD murders are higher or lower than 2017’s. If this is to be believed, then 2018 YTD is eleven under 2017’s. Which would be good news. And if Kojak is right, see the Channel 2 version, murders in the “Hayden Rectangle” (Dindu Box) are down 34% YTD.

Which means what I’ve been predicting is finally happening, that the Ferguson Effect is wearing out. As it inevitably was going to do. As it always does. Now, when the practical consequences of the FE wearing out sink in to Official St. Louis, let’s see who comes up with the most stupid excuse in order to take credit for the lower crime rate. Lyda will spike the football, Gardner will spike the football, Kojak will spike the football. Slay might come out of retirement to spike the football. Others will try to get in on the fun as well. Success has a billion fathers.

But not a one of them will tell you the simple obvious truth that I just did, realizing that I’m telling you from the other side of the world. Because it’s a lot more fun to take credit for something that happened naturally than just admit that it happened naturally.

NashWeed’s Towelie-Bahn analogy is apt. Because, usually, our official course of action against both the Towelie-Bahn and the domestic black undertow is to mollycoddle both and consider them misunderstood young people who fall into the wrong crowd and instead need social programs.

27 06 2018
Alright Dan

I’m just surprised they’re letting her get away with comparing black thugs to the Taliban. We couldn’t do that in public.

28 06 2018

Here is a suggestion. Rid STL of all of its niggers. That was easy.

28 06 2018

I lived in STL in the early aughts. Sounds like it has become Spook Hell from those days to present.

28 06 2018

Gee, these news outlets do not have comment sections. That is odd.

28 06 2018
28 06 2018

Witnesses get scared and don’t show up, meaning he beat the state’s murder case.

The Feds will come in and nail him on “possessing a firearm in the continuance of drug distribution or trafficking” and send him away for 50 years as a consolation.

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