It’s Like an Old Familiar Score

3 07 2018

Washington, D.C.

Guten Abend aus Ulm.

From a half a world away, I’m observing this scam of a dog and pony show afoot, and I’m amazed that the sort of people who I would have thought would see right through it and call boo sheet on it aren’t doing so.

It’s this matter of “Abolish ICE.”  This boob bait for the progressivetard masses.

Time for Uncle Blogmeister to sit the world down on his lap and tell it the facts of life.

Listen up, progtards:  The big name top shelf top drawer Democrats yelling about abolishing ICE have absolutely no intention to do so if one of them ever becomes President, and will not vote for such a measure if such a measure gains serious political legs, i.e. has a chance of actually being enacted. They’re only making noise to raise money and churn election year interest from progtard utopian true believer dorks who are dumb enough to think that abolishing ICE is something that actually can be accomplished.  Sure, the big name Democrats yelling ZOMG ABOLISH ICE LOL may vote for token legislation now, knowing it will never pass this House or Senate, and knowing Trump wouldn’t sign it.  But if it gets to a Democrat President who theoretically could sign it, but actually would not, they would vote against such a bill.

How do I know?

Two reasons:

One, it was not so long ago that our side was calling for the abolition of a Federal law enforcement agency.

How did that work out for us?  How did it turn out in the long run?


Any political muscle there ever was to eliminating that particular law enforcement agency disappeared on September 11, 2001.  Meaning that, if you’re a politically aware later-half Millennial or younger, then you will have zero conscious memory of the American right ever advocating for the wholesale abolition of a law enforcement agency.  If you’re an early Millennial, then you might remember, but you would have had to have been paying close attention to American politics and current affairs from a deep dive perspective starting at a pretty young age.  If you’re older, then you probably remember, provided you were paying attention.

But, believe me, we/it did.  And we failed.

So I know how it’s going to turn out for you in the Abolish ICE crowd, because I’ve seen that movie before, I know how it ends.

Red pill:

There’s nothing more permanent than a government program, even more so for a law enforcement agency.  The current agents for that agency want their nice cushy Federal jobs, paychecks, benefits and pensions.  They’ll inevitably search for reasons to exist, or adapt to the current political reality, or cry uncle to enough elected officials and House/Senate committee chairmen.

Two, and with the above in mind, we already know how an open borders Democrat President would deal with ICE, because we had an open borders Democrat President until January 20, 2017.  Baraq Obama wasn’t dumb enough to call for abolishing ICE.  Because he did the next best (worst) thing — Keep ICE, so that all the agents could have their nice cushy jobs, paychecks, benefits and pensions, but deploy them to duties and missions that are tangentially relevant to ICE’s mission, but not at all relevant to what most people think ICE was established to do, which is found in the first and third letter of the acronym.  Examples were cracking down on fake NFL jerseys, and child porn on some teacher’s computer, and harassing people who wore Google Glass in a movie theater.   In other words, anything that is within ICE’s guide book, and either politically universally popular or demanded by either a well known profitable corporation or Democrat donors/bundlers (RIAA/MPAA and the multimedia conglomerates it rides herd for are big Democrat donors/bundlers).  Above all else, never enforce immigration law, except for maybe trying halfheartedly to deport the odd 853-time convicted felon back to Guatemala.  If we have another open borders Democrat President, he/she/xe/it/they will merely follow the Obama playbook.  But no actual abolition of ICE.

And I’ll bring this full circle by noting that it was better in the long run that the ATF was not eliminated, because its existence as an agency separate from the FBI is how we were able to find out at all about Operation Gunrunner (“Fast and Furious”), as the late Mike Vanderboegh documented.  Even though the ATF, in fear of its elimination, tried to manufacture reasons for its existence, the most unfortunate and drastic of which was Waco.

Long and short to all you progtards reading this:  I’m hardly on your side, but do yourselves this favor and take this wooden nickel’s worth of free advice:  Don’t let people wind you up and get you to throw bricks through windows for the sake of a cause they have no intention of following through upon.




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3 07 2018
Alright Dan

See this?

This story changed since I first saw it, but the first version had a paragraph about how the ICE operations in Phila. are extensive and its office there big “in spite of the fact that Phila. is a sanctuary city.” Now that’s a dumb thing to say. It’s like saying San Diego has giant navy bases in spite of the fact that it’s a coastal city next to an ocean. No silly, San Diego has navy bases because it’s on the ocean, and Phila. has big ICE operations because it’s a sanctuary city and attracts illegals.

18 07 2018
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