A Human Trafficking Rap.

5 07 2018

Guest post by Puggg

Blogmeister bait.

I’m just wondering if this is news over there.




One response

6 07 2018

AfD sources are covering it, and when I was back in Berlin, a little birdie told me they were prepping this lawsuit. Likely these NGOs are all Soros fronts. But the regular German media are pretending it doesn’t exist. But you know what they are covering? Something I already knew about because I’ve seen it in my feed reader and on the local news sites from back home: #ArchSoWhite. Yes, the German media have picked it up.

I was intending to save #ArchSoWhite commentary until I got back home, but the situation is begging my more immediate input, which I’ll do later tonight from the hostel room.

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