6 07 2018


Guten Abend aus Rastatt.

We spent today meandering through the Black Forest.  The real Black Forest, not Hermann Eisele’s former restaurant on Cherokee Street.  Tomorrow, we’ll be doing something really special, that will require me getting over my modesty.

This #ArchSoWhite business, which is showing up in my feed reader, and also from the news websites from back home, has made it even to the German media.  They are pretending that the AfD suing a slew of treacherous German NGOs (probably Soros-funded) for human trafficking disguised as “helping migrants” didn’t really happen.  Side note:  When I was back in Berlin, a little birdie told me that the AfD was prepping this lawsuit.  Yet and still, the German media can blow that all off, in order to spend just a little bit of time talking about a race row nontroversy from the other side of the world.  Of course, I should be used to that, because the NYT made Ferguson the most important place on Earth for months, ignoring much more critical race news in New York.

Anyway, this is begging my input, so here goes.

Optics matter.

You have to remember that almost all of white people in it are diversity lovers and pathological altruists.  I think the fact that everyone in the “infamous” photo already knew there wasn’t any diversity (read: blacks) in the photo, but decided against inserting token IKAGOs for one big reason:  Because of all the national embarrassment St. Louis is suffering because of the Ferguson Effect-driven violent crime wave.  Hell even during my sojourn, Germans and Czechs, when I told them where I’m from, some of them instantly bought up violent crime.  Which means places as obscure as Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic…our reputation penetrates even well back into the Bohemian backwoods.  So would it be so crazy for the dignitaries that posed for this photo not to want to include even one person representative of the race of people fueling the crime in this city?  The Arch is after all St. Louis’s most popular tourist attraction for non-St. Louisans, and even big time black panderers like Lyda Krewson want white non-St. Louisans to visit the Arch.  Need I mention the recent spate of black violent crime against tourists?  Stealing their cars, or stealing everything in them.  If an official photograph of the rededication and reopening of the Museum of Westward Expansion has a lot of the Rufus-Rastus Coalition in it, then this is going to scare Brad from Albany and Becky from Seattle away from ever visiting, and don’t even think about Jan from Cesky Krumlov.

But for the crime wave, this photo probably would have had black people in it.

You also have to remember that the Jefferson National Expansion Museum, the museum under the Arch between its legs…about the only black people that visit it are school kids on field trips.  Usually, when we read or see news about black people and the Arch or Archgrounds, it has to do with violent crime.

This item in my feed reader brings up Percy Green and his famous stunt.  What most people don’t know about it is that he timed the starting hour of his stunt, and he made sure he had a bail source at the ready, so that he would be be bailed out of jail and get out in time to get to McDonnell-Douglas to start his shift.  That’s right, this poor put upon victim of discrimination climbing the half-finished Arch to protest discrimination at that time had one of the very best blue collar working middle class jobs in St. Louis.  He didn’t need it for much longer, because he was able to make a living for the rest of his life off of just that one stunt.




12 responses

6 07 2018

I bet Bruce Franks was not invited because he has a reputation for showing up to events where formal or semi-formal dress is expected wearing comic book t-shirts and jeans.

6 07 2018

Turns out there will be a diverse mulligan. But that photo will probably wind up in the back of some scrapbook, the first all-white photo will be the one officially used for official purposes.

6 07 2018

I’m enjoying your vacation.

7 07 2018

I’m enjoying it even more.

6 07 2018
Dale Gribble

Whatever happened to Lacledes Landing? About a year ago we walked there from the Arch and it’s a (((ghost town)))

7 07 2018

Funny you should mention, because I and only I could relate Laclede’s Landing to Berlin. Both are suffering from something of the same problem. You’ll have to wait for the travelogue. I’ll tease it by stating that while dindus deserve some of the blame for the decline and fall of The Landing, we can’t pawn this off on them entirely.

7 07 2018

I assume you will ‘take the waters’ at Baden Baden. Enjoy!

7 07 2018


Proving that you:

(1) Have been paying attention to my itinerary

(2) Use Google Maps


(3) Have good predictive powers.

Gold star to you if you can figure out our next major stop, where in fact we will be probably tomorrow afternoon.

7 07 2018

If you mean which bath, I predict friedrichsbad
If you mean which town, I predict Heidelberg or Koln (sorry, no umlaut key)

I guessed because you were in the schwartzwald, and the baths being near to there was the only place your modesty would be threatened. Now if you were in delft, and said something about modesty, I would assume you were going window shopping in Amsterdam.

8 07 2018

No no bath, Baden-Baden is going to be our only spa day.

We’ve already been to Cologne and all the cool Rhine-Ruhr cities, that was our first stop after Frankfurt.

We get back to Frankfurt and fly back home on Saturday, and if there are no hitches, here’s the remainder of our intended itinerary:

Today (completed): Offenburg, Kehl, Strasbourg

(So there’s your answer, Strasbourg. Wanted to see the Alsace.)

Tomorrow: More sightseeing and tourist trappery in Strasbourg

Tuesday: North along the French motorway in the Alsace, cross back into Germany, to Karlsruhe

Wednesday-Thursday: Rhine-Neckar Region, with a special diversion

Friday: Darmstadt

Saturday: Flap our wings on out of here

7 07 2018

Sad. When I lived in STL in the early aughts, I would take my daughter to The Arch. It was not a nigger-fuxxated shite-hole then (The Arch park I mean, not STL proper).

7 07 2018

And it’s really not now, except for the occasional flash dindu violent crime. What this photo was for was the reopening of the renovated museum under the Arch and between the legs, the Museum of Westward Expansion. It’s a museum, so you should already have an idea of how often non-captive black people go there.

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