Open Thread

7 07 2018

Guest post by Puggg

Because the city wants to collect revenue.

I don’t think this one is that hard.  They may not know exactly who they are looking for, but they already know one of his distinguishing features.

Dice game?  That one isn’t hard, either.

Something to do with “his live-in boyfriend.”  And they say these alphabet soup people that march around telling you how proud they are are all just peaches and cream.

One of our Blogmeister’s favorite things to say is that January 1 midnight and the 4th of July are two real good times to “take care of business” in the ghetto, because people won’t know whether those booms are gunfire or fireworks.  Well, here is you some proof.

People doping it up at strip clubs? I never heard of such a thing.

But they’re all dreamers!  They keep telling us.  Note the fake green card.

You know why I think Netflix is really doing this?  I think they’re getting tired of bad reviews of the kinds of movies and shows that peddle the social justice SJW line real hard.

You see where this happened, so I wonder if Blogmeister saw this.  All I can say is that he should have waited to do this in Texas, or in the rural portion of my own county, about the southern one third of it.  He would have fit right in.




7 responses

7 07 2018
10 07 2018
The Gentle Grizzly

CAVALRY cemetery ?

8 07 2018
Hard Right

Do they issue warrants for failure to pay parking tickets?

Good way to keep Bellcurvius off the streets….

8 07 2018
Hard Right

More Fake News from Russian Bots….

Terrified White people ran for their lives in a California mall after a mass chimpout sparked panic that led some people to believe that there was an active shooter in the area.

[video src="" /]

8 07 2018
Hard Right

Another Crash at the Intersection….

Trump-hating Istagram thot is slammed as a racist after tweeting her ‘confusion’ over a Dindu driving a BMW with pro-NRA and Tea Party bumper stickers

Silly fembot. Nothing is more sacred than the Negro.

9 07 2018
Hard Right

Another Wreck in London….

“Transactivism Erases Lesbians!”

They started demanding that activists take the “T” out of “LGBT,” but settled for opting out themselves, demanding the “L” be removed.

9 07 2018
Hard Right

Those dykes might be onto something….

Trans woman Angela Ponce makes history winning Miss Universe Spain

Ponce will compete in Miss Universe 2018 later this year

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