That’s Real Nice.

10 07 2018

Guest post by Puggg

I’m sure all of you here in my whereabouts have seen the news by now.  The latest pizza delivery driver done in by the black crime plague.

The Imo’s where he worked is ponying up $10,000 of the reward money.  That’s real nice of them.  What would have been nice of them though is some courteousness and responsibility, in not allowing their locations in dangerous high crime areas to do delivery at all.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration would have already come down hard if this was any other matter than a matter of delivering pizzas and other takeout food to black areas.




10 responses

10 07 2018
The Gentle Grizzly

With respect, Puggg, I think you know as well as anyone that if the chain had no delivery in dangerous areas, the rebruns would be screaming, and the gutless jurisdictions would threaten them with business license revocations.

In short: damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

11 07 2018

So solly, but I am all out of empathy for stupid whiteys who put themselves in harm’s way of niggers. Young white people cucked by the jew-spew ‘Diversity is our Strength’/we are the world/there is no race but the human race will have to learn the hard or fatal way.

13 07 2018
Peter H

‘Better they should stay home in Mommy’s basement and suck off the rest of us…

…You’re a real Einstein…

11 07 2018
Nicholas Stix

Joseph Angel,

I am so happy to hear that you do not need to take on dangerous jobs, so you can spew sanctimony and moral superiority over those who must.

In the real world, 2018, most whites must take any damned job they can get, for as long as they can hold on to it.


11 07 2018
Hard Right

What really sucks is that it was his second job. His day job wasn’t enogh.

11 07 2018
David In TN


Thanks for your observation.

13 07 2018

Listen you. I spent half of my adult life in the military (four of those years in Iraq/Afghanistan) and half of my adult life in the civilian work-force. While working law-enforcement, I had to shoot a nigger who tried to kill me. You are an intellectual fop who can not even use the word ‘nigger’, though you have a supposed ‘race-realist’ blog. I carry two firearms on my person everywhere I go just in case I encounter another out-break of spontaneous vibrant diversity. White people today are cucked/slumbered into The Jew Matrix of ‘All men/cultures are equal’/There is no race but the human race/We are the world/ and similar cucked poppy-cock. My life experience/observation and a Red Pill have saved me from The Jew Matrix. So, use your sophistry on someone who needs it.

11 07 2018

Doggy is right. Where’s the left that can never shut up about MUH CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY in a matter like this? Much less what he mentioned, OSHA.

We already know — The diversity industry screams about redlining when you can’t get pizza or “Chinese” or whatever delivered in certain dinduhoods.

11 07 2018
David In TN

I’ve seen it for decades. When a company declines to deliver in black high-crime neighborhoods, the Usual Suspects throw a fit, squealing RACISM!

Then, when this happens: Crickets.

11 07 2018

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