The First Day of the Rest of My Life — Moving to a New City for a New Job After Labor Day

26 07 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

Remember I told you a week ago that something was up, hinting that it had something to do with me going back to work?

Well, that something is now so up that it’s all the way up to the top floor.

It’s an awesome opportunity, of the sort very comparable to the two kind of “my ship has come in” types that I almost had but slipped through my fingers in the recent past, the one six years ago that fell through, then the one a year and change ago which ended once my skull hit the pavement.

Only this time, my ship really has come in.  Signed, sealed, delivered. It’s a done deal. Paperwork consummated within the half hour.

I’m even capable of doing the job in my current state of physical handicap and less than optimal and less than fully recovered cognitive ability.

Here’s the rub:

It’s in a different city.

That, combined with the nature of the work, means there are still quite a few logistical issues to work out.  Including transferring my recovery regimen to new doctors and a new medical center in that new city.  But, all those issues will get worked out, come hell or high water.

And I’m going to take this opportunity in spite of the fact that I don’t need to at all from a personal financial standpoint:  My lawyer is this close to settling with the basement dweller’s insurance company, for an amount that would mean I wouldn’t have to work another day in my life if I truly could not, even after everyone and everything is paid off.  I have already apprised the lawyer of this opportunity I’m about to take, and he assures me that it absolutely does not and will not interfere with the settlement, as much as one red cent.

It’s just that I despise being idle.  I would hate being part of the idle rich. I already told you about how much better I felt in terms of a mental health standpoint when I had something to look forward to and was actually experiencing the thing, because having shit else to do turned out to be driving me up a wall.

As usual, I’ll tell you more than what I have written here only if I know you and trust you.

But, for those of you who fit those categories, you’ll shit a brick when I tell you what and where it is.

Note:  It has nothing to do with my startup that went crashing to the ground when I did a tad more than a year ago — You may remember I wrote here after I had to sell my concepts and IP that my lawyer negotiated as part of it that I could become a direct employee of the purchasing firm, at such a time that I became capable of doing that kind of work, and wanted to.  This new opportunity has nothing to do with that, even though that also would have required me to move to another city.  Such as it is, I could not do that kind of work right now, because it would be both too physically and cognitively demanding for me in my current deficient states.  Some of you may also remember that I speculated that I could go out of town to be a clinical trial guinea pig for an experimental treatment regimen relating to my particular TBI.  It would have started after the new year and lasted either one or two whole months.  That won’t happen now, because I’ll be working on a daily basis.  Besides, provided I don’t make any great strides of improvement naturally in the near future, there’s no guarantee that the clinical trial would have done me any good.  I’m just going to leave my condition in the hands of fate.  If I get better, fine, if not, just as well.  Whatever will be will be.  But I’m not sitting around one day more in recovery purgatory feeling sorry for myself with shit else to do waiting for something naturally to pop off or waiting to be a guinea pig for a treatment that probably won’t do me any good, not when I have a golden opportunity staring me in the snoot.

It’s also going to be something of a fresh start, so I can leave behind the disappointing people, disappointing circumstances, underwhelming results and false starts that have been a frequent feature of the first half of my life, not to mention that one close brush with death.

It will also be my first extended period of time living in a city other than St. Louis.

I’ll start shortly after Labor Day.  And for the fact that it’s in a different city means that you all should expect a far reduced posting rate from me, even starting now, because I’ll have to deal with logistics relating to this that and the third.  Thankfully, I can always rely on a dog we all know for guest posts.




14 responses

26 07 2018
Alright Dan

26 07 2018

You don’t know the half of it. I almost felt like I could do the Electric Slide during the brief time today that I could stay upright.

26 07 2018

Just not that many guest posts.

26 07 2018
Paul Rain

Goddamn! Congrats, boss.

27 07 2018

In these coming five whole weeks, I have to resolve some domestic home front home town kind of issues as much as I can.

27 07 2018

There was a young artillery officer who had to move to take his commission, did pretty well on the move.

27 07 2018

Until that one day he rolled into Waterloo.

27 07 2018

A few things I should have added:

(1) This is an opportunity for me to have a chance to do something I’ve written here several times I’ve truly wanted, and that is to matter in this world. Which is something that was a feature of my two previous big opportunities within the last six years and change that crashed to the ground.

(2) In taking this and moving to the different undisclosed city, I’m also making something of a bet on the medium-term future. I’m betting somewhat more against something than for something, but both fairly close to equal.

(3) And now I don’t know if I’ll even be able to write the travelogue. If I can in the next five weeks, interspersed with everything else I have to do, it will surely be a condensed one.

27 07 2018

Oh, do tell, QD. Don’t be so cryptic.

Inquiring mind would like to know all the bloody details.

With that said, congratulations on a new start. Nothing like clearing the boards and starting fresh.

My sage advice? Don’t go on any Duck Boats!

27 07 2018
Nicholas Stix

Gratuliere! As Plato said, “Arbeit macht frei,” or something.

28 07 2018

I’m surprised you’re not in my e-mail inbox wanting to know.

30 08 2018
Original Laura

Great news! May the Lord continue to bless you in your new job and new city.

30 08 2018

Thank you dear. My first order of business will be to get there in one piece. Should be no problem, but trans-Atlantic airline travel is never a 100% sure thing.

3 09 2018
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