Weekend Open Thread.

15 09 2018

Guest post by Puggg

Check out the guy on the right’s t-shirt.

The complaint is that these barriers make the area look like a “war zone” and “some third world nation” like “Somalia, Afghanistan, whatever”.  Maybe that’s because it is all those things.

I remember 4 years ago exactly that black lives were supposed to matter at the corner of West Florissant and Canfield.

Now, puppies, what’s on your mind?  Have at it.




7 responses

15 09 2018
Alright Dan

2nd story: If the shoe fights, right?

16 09 2018
Hard Right



I can’t imagine who would do such a thing. Any guesses?

16 09 2018
Hard Right

Well whaddya know?

Fox News crew witnessed the alleged looting of a Dollar Store in Wilmington, North Carolina, Rick Leventhal reports.


16 09 2018
Hard Right

Member of Coast Guard’s hurricane response team ‘flashes white power symbol’ during live MSNBC broadcast – and is immediately removed from his post by bosses


The ‘OK’ sign is widely associated with the alt-right

16 09 2018
Hard Right

Nike alerts retailers after bogus Kaepernick coupons offer discount to ‘people of color’ – report


The bogus coupons have circulated online in recent days, and were said to have initially been posted on image-sharing website 4chan.

The coupons claim to offer a 75 percent discount on all shoes for “people of color” until 2019, and feature the slogan “Believe in Something” – which was used in the new campaign involving Kaepernick.

They also feature a barcode, while some versions included a QR which, when scanned, prompted a message reading, “This is a ROBBERY, Move slowly and put all the LARGE bills in the shoe box OR everyone DIES,” USA Today reports.

16 09 2018
Alright Dan

It’s like those Starbucks fake reparations coupons from earlier this year.

16 09 2018

Niggers, meh. What else you got?

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