Weekend Open Thread.

22 09 2018

Guest post by Puggg

They say St. Charles is a great place to live, but then there’s this.  And this.

It was all over a dispute over pocket change.  The reason he is “of Bowling Green” is because that’s where the state prison he’s doing time is located.

Parkway Schools participated in school busing from the city for a long time.  The Parkway schools are more integrated, and the gangs that form in them are now integrated too.

Part of this matter is the sharp increase in carjackings.  The sharp increase in carjackings is an unintended consequence of making cars harder to steal in the ordinary way.

Antreion and Antoine.

Now, puppies, have at it.




One response

22 09 2018
Whole Earth Catalog

I always thought those multirace gangs in the movies like Colors and The Warriors were BS. That lineup photo is disturbing. There was an Irish kid in Edison NJ who was in a multiracial group–not sure if they were really a gang–that killed an Indian man, but that’s the only other case I know of.

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