A Pause for the Cause

27 09 2018


Hey peanut gallery, it’s me in the flesh, feeling no pain at that.  At one point a few days ago, I feared that I either accidentally got married or accidentally sent a text to a Thai military general.  You know what they say, what happens at Oktoberfest…er, wait, I’m thinking about some other place.

I’m taking a break from drinking to chime in on something that many of you have e-mailed me about.  At first, I only posted my hot take on my Minds feed, which you should all be reading, because it’s way easier for me these days to write Minds posts than it is to write blog posts here, and I even chime in on news I see from back home.

But I’m going to cut and paste it here.

It’s this Jews for AfD matter, which I knew was in the works even before the news went international.

Ordinarily, I would flash on heavy weather ahead, indicative of the organization or movement starting the process of cucking out. You know the old saw, nationalism or Jews but not both.

The thing is that the AfD has an organizational and political culture of: (1) Not turning anyone away, and (2) Not throwing “controversial” supporters under the bus when the temperature gets too high, and (3) Restricting high level power within the party to people who know what they’re doing, and (4) All while not compromising on agenda or manifesto, all at the same time.

Remember, the AfD advocates what is by German standards social conservatism, but its leader in the Bundestag is a lesbian woman. Therefore, a party that can pull that off and stay stable and in fact grow by leaps and bounds, can easily have both Jews and people none too fond of Jews under the same big enough but not too big tent, and not skip a beat.

You also have to remember that, before a proper unified unitary German nation state, which didn’t even exist until 1871, there was the (not) Holy (not) Roman (not) Empire. Germans have had a lot of experience at stringing together improbable disparate coalitions and assembling string bean coalitions based on consensus. The AfD can have gays and social conservatives, and Jews and people who dislike Jews, for the same reason the (not) HRE was able to function for the many centuries it did before the realities of the 19th century begged formal unitary unification.

The “Jews for AfD” sector I think is in this case and place and time and circumstance a master stroke of political genius in terms of strategy, tactics and positioning. There won’t be that many in terms of takers, and certainly the organized activist Jewish interest groups in this country and I’m sure by now worldwide are already incredulous. But the political genius in it is that just the existence of even a few Jewish public supporters of the AfD will mean that the party has a powerful heat shield against what is in this country the powerful “zomg Hitler” weaponized flamethrower.  For many of the same reasons, the local black street gang will violently pressure the nerdy black boy on the block to join, and Al Qaeda tried hard to get white American recruits — Fronts of respectability.  Even though I know that’s a bad analogy, because a legitimate political party seeking to affect legitimate change in the legitimate process is hardly akin to a criminal street gang or an international terrorist syndicate, and the few Jews that will join the AfD aren’t doing so just to serve as propaganda fronts, it’s because they agree with at least a supermajority of the party manifesto.

Nevertheless, this does not change the fact that any nationalist political movement or organization, no matter the intensity of its nationalism, and no matter its official viewpoint on Jews, and no matter if it has Jewish supporters or not, will inevitably and irrepressibly collide head-on with organized activist Jewish interests, and must game plan for that.

And the reason that organized activist Jewish interests in this country and worldwide are going to be serially angry about the “Jews for AfD” sector has nothing to do with anything anyone said, or ideology, or policy positions, or manifestos, but for what I wrote above: It provides an AfD with a heat shield.




11 responses

27 09 2018

Good to hear from you! You mean I’ve got to add another site to my favorites list (Minds)? Just what my already clogged screen needs! Take care count.

27 09 2018

Yes you do. All my practical sort of day to day German news is there, the sort of which wouldn’t interest my peanut gallery here in this space, or what’s left of my peanut gallery now that this space is on semi-hiatus.

27 09 2018
David In TN

I miss the snarky comments the Blogmeister would make on the current farce going on in this country.

27 09 2018

Would you settle for snarky comments about the current farce going on in another country?

27 09 2018
David In TN

We take what we can get.

27 09 2018

They can tell the jews to FOAD or move to Israel. See, that was easy. Tschuss (can’t figure out the umlaut and too lazy to Jewgle it).

27 09 2018
Alright Dan

Good to know you’re happy. And I’ll bookmark that Minds page.

1 10 2018
Nicholas Stix

“both Jews and people none too fond of Jews under the same big enough but not too big tent…”

Hey, that sounds just like my family of birth, except both sides are the same people!

1 10 2018

Nick, check your e-mail box, I wrote you something about your wargaming of two or so weeks ago.

9 10 2018

Late update.

The Jews for AfD sector was organized over the weekend, in a city where I’ll be for a few days at the end of this month to watch another set of state elections happen, that being Wiesbaden. I also have my first doctors’ appointment as an expat at that time, also in the same city, so I’ll knock off two birds with one stone.

Anyway, I just figured JfAfD was organized in Wiesbaden because it’s the capital city of the German state (Hessen) that has the most Jews (because of Frankfurt). I found out later that they wanted to hold the launch party in Frankfurt itself, but…irony of all ironies….Antifa ran them out.

In another irony, the party is not expecting to do much at all in Frankfurt itself on October 28, it is what it is. But much better in the rest of the state.

27 10 2018
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