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29 09 2018


Before I left Cologne for this month long road trip, I saw that I was fortunately going to miss two big events in town:  One, Cologne Cathedral being turned into basically an SPLC billboard, and two, Ergodan’s visit to open the Turkish government funded mosque in town.

Now that the second event has happened, it’s international news, and here’s one of the international media treatments.

I’ve been following that saga closely, and the extra news I can tell you is that Ergodan’s visits to Cologne and Berlin have not gone smoothly.  The NRW President (equivalent to an American state governor) wanted to meet Ergodan, then flip flopped.  Ergodan was permitted to stay in a well known historical palace near Cologne, then the offer was rescinded.  Various politicians in the 3R wanted to show up to the mosque opening ceremony, then they didn’t.  While in Berlin, a bunch of Federal politicians also went back and forth about wanting to be associated publicly with Ergodan.

Then there were the protests at the ceremony.

Unfortunately, our side slash the AfD (though I repeat myself) were only minor players in this soap opera.  In reality, the heat and energy source behind the public protesting and the political flip flopping had entirely to do with internecine politics among Turks in the 3R, in Berlin and Germany in general, analogous to Turkish politics in Turkey, and also Kurdish consternation with Turkish suppression of Kurdish nationalism and irredentism within Turkey.

One big scandal that broke out while Ergodan was here is that it has been discovered that he’s got moles within the Berlin Police, that have been snitching on anti-Ergodan Turks to him, most of those types are Gulen followers, but some are also anti-E for other reasons.  On top of the Kurds being spied upon.  Now, it’s tempting to think that the moles in the Berlin Police are themselves Turkish.  But don’t be surprised if they turn out to be real Germans, and real Germans who are apolitical.  One of the things I found out during the summer voyage, and I hinted around in this space in my final post from here while on the voyage, that post was from Darmstadt, is that:

I have other reality check sort of observations as well, not the least of which are all the nonchalant insouciant devil-may-care borderline rotten borderline sour-pus countenances I get from a disturbingly high percentage of real German people, who, might I add, are of a disturbingly high median age, and those attitudes are adversely affecting Germany’s scientific and engineering prowess, including its automobile engineering, and are also fueling a disturbingly high level of public corruption.

Older people, without children, so without a real reason to care about the future after their death.  They’re going to get while the gettin’s good and they’re in this world to get, and catch as catch can.  The boondoggle of the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, which I might actually get to write about one of these days, is just one of many examples.  So I think it’s easily possible that somewhat middle aged to late middle aged real German cops are taking bags of Ergodan’s deep state’s money to tell on Gulenists and other anti-E people.

Remember that, in spite of Merkel’s Boner, Turks are still to this day Germany’s largest most ostentatious problematic most long-standing racial-ethnic group.  I’m unclear on the history of that, one version I read is that American military occupiers foisted Turks on what was then West Germany immediately after WWII, another version is that they didn’t start pouring in until West Germany got its first SPD Chancellor, that being Willy Brandt in 1969, for electing-a-new-people reasons.




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29 09 2018

They were brought in as ‘gast arbeiters’ or guest-workers. Essentially, they were Germany’s cheap Mexican laborers who were supposed to be temp workers/laborers who would work and then go back to Turkey. Germany suffered, I believe 4-5 million dead (got that off (((Wikipedia))), so who knows how accurate), but they suffered a lot of dead in WWI and WWII and needed the labor after WWII. Why they got to stay and who facilitated it (we can probably (((guess))) ), only God knows. I just know that they must purge Germany of these Mohammedans and Africans, or they will have no future.

30 09 2018

The person with the “electing a new people” quote did return to (Soviet-occupied) Germany.

1 10 2018
Nicholas Stix

UlricKerensky: He hedged his bets, by maintaining his apartment in West Berlin. So, he would go each day to Communist East Berlin, only to return at night to the free Western Sector.

1 10 2018
David In TN

The late Richard Grenier visited him at his apartment in his last days. Afterward, his wife chased Grenier down the stairs calling Grenier “American Pig!”

3 10 2018

The diversification of the west is fully under way. The demise of the west is at hand. For those who have wanted such they are suceeding.

3 10 2018

The irony of Brecht’s “elect a new people” quote is that the DDR for all its faults never actually did that, unlike the BRD in either the sense of West Germany or reunified Germany.

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