The Dirty Tricks Are Getting Dirtier

1 10 2018

Dresden;  Munich

I was wondering what kind of dirty tricks the German political establishment had up their sleeves.

I knew that this whole bit with the BfV was just the beginning. Now they’ve found something else.

Remember, just as the “Klan” and somewhat similar groups in the United States are law enforcement slash NGO slash entrapment slash provocation honeypots, the same is the case here in Germany. The German Supreme Court, or German Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG), has found as a matter of fact, for example, that the National Democratic Party (NDP) is just that. So it’s probably the case that the named groups in this article on the same way.

Then there are the matter of the two states where these arrests were made: One is Saxony, which happens to be the AfD’s strongest state, and the other is the one I’m in at the moment, Bavaria, which just so happens to be holding state government elections on October 14, a day that Horst’s Ass Seehofer is not looking forward to, as I’ve told you why many times in this space in recent posts. October 14 very well could see the AfD costing the Bavaria-only Christian Social Union (CSU) party, which Seehofer leads in the Bundestag, control of the only state government where it even exists.

Put the two pieces together.

Now you know what I’m thinking.

A top down hit, where German Federal politicians pull the chains on down the line to stir up the provocation honeypots they own, all these weirdo funny money groups, to do some stupid ish in order to get themselves arrested, in order to create a media meme to use to bitch about the AfD for the next two weeks.


In related news, before I scoot out of here, about this Macron photo:  When I was in Salzburg almost two weeks ago, I saw him in the flesh, maybe about ten yards from me.  I also saw among other people, Cruella De Vil (Theresa May), and also Viktor Orban, who I took the initiative to meet.  He looks like he’s always got a lot on his mind and is always thinking intensely about a lot of things.  Anyway, Macron struck me as a gamma cuck deluxe.  So I was not surprised in the least when I read earlier today the controversy over that photo he took of himself sandwiched in between two black ex-cons in the Caribbean.  He was probably wishing that the metaphor of that photo would have become a carnal reality that night.  France is staring down the barrel of the seventh century totalitarian death cult of peace, yet its current leader has the psychology of a prison bitch.  Mon Dieu.  Could France have a mulligan on May 7, 2017?




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1 10 2018

I should add that one day last week in the morning, the Mayor of Munich held a memorial because back in 1980 Oktoberfest, one of the regalia enthusiasts set off a bomb and killed a bunch of people. The Mayor of Munich is SPD, even though the CSU currently runs Bavaria, which goes to show you that the CSU is schlubbish if it lets the SPD run the biggest city in the only state where it even exists. Yet, both the CSU and SPD are opposed to the AfD. And I took this memorial as yet another sly anti-AfD dirty trick in advance of 10/14. I mean, c’mon, the 38th anniversary? Not exactly a nice round number. And it’s not like the 1980 threats to Oktoberfest are the current year threat, the trucks of peace, and other assorted suicide bomber types, and the assorted stabby Merkel’s Boner asyl-schwindel sorts.

1 10 2018
Paul Rain

Eh. They just seem like some nice concerned citizens who are being railroaded by the pigs. Just less successful than the NSU.

2 10 2018

The Left Party has it right and wrong.

They’re right to see the link between BfV-gate and these arrests.

But the common denominator isn’t what they think.

The common denominator is Seehofer.

2 10 2018

More hot news about these arrests:

The goober groups involved are milieus that have been known since 2014.

Again, I point back to my theory that they’re all honeypots, and the arrests now could have been done at any time in the recent past or future, but are timed to sandbag October 14.

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