It Takes Time.

4 10 2018

Guest post by Puggg

From KMOX radio.

The feds more than double the number of gun crime prosecutions in St. Louis, but the murder rate isn’t dropping as fast as they want.

Marking the one-year anniversary of a violent crime reduction program, U.S. Attorney Jeff Jenson says lowering the murder rate is his main goal.

“So far this year, it’s down about 10 percent in the city, a little bit more than 10 percent in the county, and a little bit more than 10 percent in the whole eastern district of Missouri,” Jenson said, “But we’ve just got to do better.”

Through the end of September, the feds prosecuted 628 defendants with firearms, compared to 282 this time last year.

Once charged in the federal system here, Jenson says the suspects face about a 90 percent conviction rate, so most are going to prison.

The gun crime prosecutions because the crimes have already happened.  You have to give it some time for it to result in a dropping murder rate and a dropping rate for other violent crimes, because those convicted of federal gun crimes need to be in federal prison for awhile, meaning they won’t be doing the murders or the violent crimes they would have if they were running around on the loose.




6 responses

4 10 2018

how long until they complain about over crowding and we end up like IL and CA, releasing violent skels early?

5 10 2018

Congress and the Federal Courts would have to change a number of fairly complex procedures for that, it would be faster to do it by some form of Executive action under a different administration.

5 10 2018

chicago Officer Van Dyke found guilty of murdering Laquan Mcdonald. There’s a bunch of stuff about antilaw activists saying how great this this for the community and how it sends a message to cops they can’t kill no more black babies.

but won’t this cause CHicago PD to be more reactive than proactive? I’d like to see the effects of this on a city like Chicago.

7 10 2018

No great mystery. The black crime rate esp on blacks will go way up, because the cops are trigger shy, pun intended and not intended. But why are we supposed to care about that? Especially since every time we care, we’re told to shut up because it’s not our problem, b/c it’s only thug blacks smoking other thug blacks.

8 10 2018

Guess that the ccucks will go on into perpetuity denying that nniggers and sspics are the reason behind ‘gun violence’/’streets gone wrong’/ad nauseum. Oh well, so long as the nniggers keep killing each other. Every dead sspook is one off of the welfare rolls/criminal justice system rolls and future YTs who will not be victimized.

8 10 2018

You have ‘WordPress’ (more like WordOppress). (((They))) have apparently installed better censor algorithms. My comment above would not post unless I misspelled my racial epithets. Plus, I have been banned from sites like and Chateau which were the last two ‘big’ blogs that allowed ‘nnigger/sspic/kkike/etc’ to post unaltered. The Christ-killers are stepping up their game to censor us ggoyim. The ‘evil Nazis’ would be proud of them.

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