In Other Words, the Teenage Sons of Your Cheap Domestic Servants

7 10 2018

East Quogue, New York

Schaedenfreude, to use a word the people of my native country borrowed from the language of the people of my current country.

Or, if you prefer, petard hoisted own.




4 responses

7 10 2018

I saw this myself, I was going to put in my 2 cents about it, but you beat me to it so it seems.

8 10 2018

An article from a couple of years ago:

Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich

8 10 2018

I might have blogged about that at the time, of course, having much the same opinion.

8 10 2018

Dumb fucks never heard of firearms. They are Jew York’s wealthy/elite and all of JY’s jurisprudence/criminal jewstice system would protect them against illegal possession charges or shooting MS-13 spics.

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