Don’t Misunderstand Steve

9 10 2018


MLP misunderstands what Bannon is up to.

Maybe it’s because of the way Bannon carries himself, with his swagger. She must think that Bannon is the quintessential Ugly American only in a photographic negative sense, in that instead of trying to Americanize Europe as has been the official American want since the end of WWII, he is instead thinking himself some civic nationalist white knight riding into the continent on a golden unicorn to save the continent from itself, showing those backward anti-nationalist rubes how it’s done.

But she’s reading him and his intentions inaccurately. And she’s missing the implications and inferences of his doing what he’s doing in Europe, though the fact of that is hardly her fault, because it takes x-ray eyes to figure out what’s really going on in that stead.

That’s all I can say so publicly.

But as a make good for not being able to fill in all the blanks, I’ll provide some musical accompaniment.






2 responses

15 10 2018
Nicholas Stix

I was about to ask you for an explanation, but stopped dead in my tracks.

15 10 2018

Especially since there is already one in your e-mail box.

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