Election Day and Night Open Thread.

6 11 2018

Guest post by Puggg

I’ll leave this thread open for all of you to talk about the results that roll in tonight.  But I just got too much to do, so don’t expect me to do much talking here.




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6 11 2018

For a lot of reasons, time zone separation, geographical separation, mental separation, and for the fact that I’ve already been a party to two different election days and nights since moving here, I really won’t be paying close attention to these results like I would have in past cycles.

I will say, or rather, confess, that while there’s a part of me that hopes that I wake up tomorrow to find out that Claire has lost, even though I wake up around 7 which means it will be midnight St. Louis time, and if it’s a close vote, the winner won’t be known by then, because I have a six year old settle to score, there’s also a part of me that really doesn’t care that much about Claire anymore, in terms score settling. That’s because I got mostly what I wanted in the long run and in a roundabout way. I already got my revenge.

6 11 2018

I should also add that I got so busy with this that and the third that I forgot to cast an oversees absentee ballot, which I would have had to have done several weeks ago. If I wouldn’t have overlooked it, I probably would have voted on the propositions, and maybe “for” Hawley, i.e. against Claire. Such as it is, Hawley was the only corporeal human being I voted for two years ago, the other being Trump, because in the primary, the party favorite for MO AG, Kurt Schaefer, I knew to be a total phony, and then again in November because we had to get Hawley in as state AG because I knew he’d have to run behind the incoming Soroswhore and do the prosecuting she wouldn’t.

But from what I’ve seen since he’s been MO AG, it’s not quite the same Josh Hawley that he led everyone on he’d be when he first started running for MO AG.

So, this election in St. Louis, and Missouri, and the United States, will have to go on without me.

6 11 2018
David In TN

Years ago I read a column by somebody, don’t remember who. I think it was a Republican establishment type. It said it was amazing Republicans won any elections at all with the MSM totally for the Democrats.

One reason the GOP could win was they could run TV ads during the election season, while the media, in effect, runs ads for the Democrats 12 months a year, year in and year out.

This year, several networks (Fox included) refused to run an anti-illegal ad, an illegal killed a cop I think.

7 11 2018

Later tonight I’ll have a relatively quick post with my observations about the results. Nothing too detailed though.

But here’s another thing that speaks to the point I’ve made about German compound words, you know, the compound word means something different than the literal translations of the simple words in it:

Here’s a word that the German media used a lot in the last few days and are using today as they cover the American midterms (shilling for Democrats, of course):


Halb = Half

Zeit = Time

Wahlen = Choosing

Okay, so what is “half time choosing?” After the first half, coach sits the starting QB for the second string rookie?

Really, the word means “midterm elections.”

Realizing that there’s really no need for Germans to have such a word for their own political culture, because there are no such things as “midterm elections” per se here or in most countries. Two of which I’ve already experienced, state government elections (Landtag), which almost always occur not during the day of Federal elections, are interpreted as “in between” referenda on the Federal ruling party and Chancellor, and of course what happened in Bavaria and Hesse was bad news for Ang.

7 11 2018

From the beginning, elections in (what became) the ‘states were run on the agricultural calendar, and for fixed terms. I suspect the later because the cultural memory of the long parliament and such was so strong. A fixed-term executive was the usual check against a strong legislature, outside of some states (NJ having one of the most powerful executives, oddly matched with a surviving political machine system).

Because of that, unlike Westminster systems or European style State and Local seperate parliaments, the idea of a mini-election on a floating schedule just does not compute here, Wisconsin and California being extreme outliers. Also, since there are very few cases of non-elected cabinet responsibility (unlike most Westminister systems) or mandates, there’s no requirement to adjust Executive actions to any particular election outside of dealmaking and actual legislative action.

Personally, I think a modern Executive needs a de jure cabinet system, which means more Westminister or Continental protocols, so I prefer the European model. Gets strange with bi-cameralism and Seperation of Powers however.

7 11 2018

That gas tax lost. That doesn’t surprise me, because gas prices were higher over the summer than they’ve been in a few years, so asking people to raise the gas tax with the prices higher turned out to be a bad idea. Even though it would have been phased in over 4 years, and by the voting day yesterday, the gas prices went down some.

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