Scattered Thoughts On Yesterday

7 11 2018

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Like I promised, here are my thoughts, none too extensive or detailed as they may be, on what happened yesterday back home.

* Like I said, I was mentally checked out of caring about Claire for revenge or score settling purposes, because I’ve already gotten what I wanted in the long run in a roundabout way.  Even though it cost me a whole lot and took longer than I thought.  Yet and still, I’m surprised Hawley beat her by a comfortable margin.  I would have thought it would have been razor close and could have gone either way at that.  That’s what all the polling I saw from back home suggested.

* Speaking of that, I only need one word to explain why in most of these statewide races, the red team did better than the polls and exit polls suggested they would, the one word explains why enough red team voters were, as the lawyers would say, at some level less than perfectly honest, with the pollsters:


* The Democrats have won the House based on “Republican gerrymandered” Congressional districts.  Remember, the 2011-2021 Congressional district map was largely drawn on Republican favorable terms by state legislatures that were largely Republican based off the 2010 red wave.

Does this mean the Democrats and the left will now realize what even the NYT admitted, that gerrymandering largely doesn’t matter, and now STFU about gerrymandering?

* And speaking of the House, let’s do something I haven’t done in awhile in this space, and fire up the Blogmeister Hot Tub Time Machine.  Let’s all jump in, (no skinny dipping, this ain’t no German spa), and dial the thing back to just about precisely eight years ago, 2010, the aforementioned red wave.

That season’s results were pretty much the photographic negative of this season’s.

Which means that the blue team is about to learn what the red team had to learn the hard way from January 2011 to December 2014 — That having the House and nothing else amounts to, as my grandpa would have said, exactly two things:  Nothing and shit.

The power of the purse?  Obama bullied House Republicans into accepting Continuing Resolutions or otherwise take the political blame for a government shutdown.  Subpoenas?  What’s the punishment for ignoring a Congressional subpoena?  Something that has to be enforced by the men with guns that the President controls.  Impeachment?  Everyone remembers 1998-1999, unless they don’t.  Presidential nominees only need Senate confirmation.

I’m sure Trump realizes all this by now.  I fully expect him to say something something “pen and phone” within the next several months.

* The biggest disappointments from an immigration patriot standpoint from yesterday are Kobach, Brat, Barletta, Corey Stewart.  The danger in those losses is that Trump could start paying more attention to Jared Kushner rather than Stephen Miller on immigration policy.

* Blue team saw Gillum lose in Florida when all the polls thought he’d win, and Abrams lose in Georgia even though that was somewhat expected.  I think the lesson they’ll take from that is to tell Kamala Harris and Cory Booker to sit this one out, read the Riot Act to their identity politics SJW/BLM militants, and run up a pale stale male in 2020.  Notwithstanding my prediction about 2020.

* Illinois Governor:  Not surprised at the outcome, very surprised at the margin.

It means the state will go bankrupt sooner rather than later, and I hope that when they stick their hands out to Trump asking for a bailout, for all of the problems Chicago caused him, I hope he tells Illinois what Gerald Ford told New York City.

Alternatively and in better news, it could reinvigorate the Southern Illinois statehood movement.

* Texas: Abbott won by an easy margin, which means that Cruz’s narrow win has a lot to do with Cruz. Cruz won narrowly this year for the same reason Trump won Texas two years ago by a margin lower than a typical Republican wins the state — Because Trump and Cruz taking potshots at each other when they were the last two standing in the Republican Presidential primaries in 2016 soured each one in the minds’ eyes of devotees of the other in the state, meaning enough Cruz diehards passed on Trump in 2016, while enough Trump diehards passed on Cruz yesterday. Yet and still, both won, in climates where a win is a win no matter what the margin.

* I wrote this as a comment in our favorite doggy’s open thread, but I’ll post it again here for entertainment purposes.

I’ve written here several times that German as a language has a way of mashing up simple words into long compound words whose proper contextual translation has almost nothing to do with the literal translations of the simple words so combined.

Here’s a word that the German media used a lot in the last few days and are using today as they cover the American midterms (shilling for Democrats, of course):


Halb = Half

Zeit = Time

Wahlen = Choosing

Okay, so what is “half time choosing?” After the first half, coach sits the starting QB for the second string rookie?

Really, the word means “midterm elections.”

Realizing that there’s really no need for Germans to have such a word for their own political culture, because there are no such things as “midterm elections” per se here or in most countries. Two of which I’ve already experienced, state government elections (Landtag), which almost always occur not during the day of Federal elections, are interpreted as “in between” referenda on the Federal ruling party and Chancellor, and of course what happened in Bavaria and Hesse was bad news for Ang.




12 responses

7 11 2018

They tried to hit Missouri up for an extra 10¢ a gallon on the gas tax in a year when gas prices were higher than they’ve been in awhile. Good idea!

7 11 2018
Alright Dan

I would have voted for that if gas was still like $2 and under, but now that it was a lot higher this summer I voted no.

7 11 2018
David In TN

Regarding the Red team doing better than the exit polls suggest, is something like the Bradley Effect now being felt more generally?

Along with Antifa.

7 11 2018

Ten years ago at this time, the lesson I took from Obama winning, and it closely matching the polling data all around, was that the Bradley Effect was dead, or, as it’s put today, it’s no longer a thing.

And I’m still sticking with that.

Meaning that Antifa widening its antifada to include even normiecons has scared enough normiecons such that they’ll lie to pollsters.

7 11 2018
David In TN

Any way you look at it, normiecons lie to pollsters in the current climate.

7 11 2018
7 11 2018

I see the news is breaking on Sessions.

I don’t need to state my thoughts, because I did eleven months ago.

8 11 2018

I see those Soros people are going to protest Jeff Sessions quitting, or being fired, depends on how you want to look at it. Did I just make it to Bizarro World? Soros supporting Sessions?

8 11 2018

my cousin posted that trump cabinet bingo meme (whos getting fired next) early yesterday aftet sessions quit and then went on a meltdown later in the dah after being told the next AG is hitler thanks to gop controlled senate.

based on todays effortposts on fb, looks like the novelty of “First ethnic/gender elected” is running out and terror has set in.

8 11 2018
8 11 2018
Alright Dan

About your 6th star, the point about maybe the Democrats should tell the blacks to put a cork in it. Ben Jealous who used to run the NAACP couldn’t even win in a real Democrat state like Maryland.

8 11 2018

I tell you this, if I didn’t already know how I was going to vote on this Senate election, none of the ads from either side would have convinced me to show up and vote for either one of them or against the other. All the ads this year for McCaskill and Hawley were plain and boring and just basic.

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