Rubbing the Dog’s Nose In His Own Poo

13 11 2018

Washington, D.C.

If you didn’t hate me after yesterday, what you’re about to read in this post will clinch it.

I’ve heard it stated often in our sector that, presuming that the farces known as “elections” as part of the farce known as the “democratic republican system” are desirable things at all, that the franchise should have property and/or income delimiters of some sort.

Those of you who think that are like the dogs in housebreaking training that just shit on the carpet.  And with that, I’m rubbing your noses in your own shit turds by presenting you this article and infographic.

Long and short here is that the same kind of people that were cool with Romney style Republicanism in 2012 but not with Trump style Republicanism in 2016, well to do white (and even some non-white) suburban voters, became even less cool with Trump style Republicanism in 2018, enough to swing control of the House.

Property and/or income delimiters for the franchise would only mean even more power for these kind of people.  And for the ownership, capital and rentier class in general, a group that has too much power already.

Now here’s where I floor you all and make the scant few of you that haven’t started hating my guts yet start doing so:

Just as public policy should put labor and production on an equitable footing with the ownership class, I think the power of the franchise should be inversely commensurate with socioeconomic status.  Instead of taking the franchise away from people that don’t own land, it would be better for our cause and the better Hobson’s Choice that we take the franchise away from people that do.






5 responses

13 11 2018

Interesting evidence to prove my point.

I see that, back home, there were no changes in Missouri’s Congressional delegation.

Except that, Ann Wagner, in CD-2, had a close call, 51-48, against the usual sort of Democrat sacrificial lamb.

Note that CD-2 has most of Missouri’s wealthy suburbs.

Also note Ryne Rohla’s 2016 delta 2012 map, the second from the top on this page, click on it to enlarge, and you see a lot of blue over parts of CD-2. Those were the wealthy areas swinging from Romney to Hillary, and they swung even more so now, coming close to putting Wagner on the unemployment line.

14 11 2018
Nicholas Stix

My overwhelming, visceral, knee-jerk reaction? I’m not sure who’s right here.

15 11 2018
22 11 2018

Yes, I think your illustration is quite relevant. The boxes in the pictures were most probably moved by the tallest boy. So, unless the three boys are related, he may as well ask himself about the arrangement in the second picture: “what’s in it for me”?

22 11 2018

I think we also need a name for a third arrangement, dear to heart to SJWs, where the tallest boy is made to kneel.

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