Thot Audit

27 11 2018

Megan Fox, writing in PJ Media:

As a mother of daughters, this campaign strikes me as morally good. If this can dissuade young girls from using their genitals to make money off men who are betraying their wives, I’m all for it. Girls also need to learn that they are worth more than their boobs…

Fine, but if they had more than their boobs, they’d be doing whatever it is.  My sense of the matter is that if you’re invading gamer chats turning them into virtual late night strolls hawking your own n00dz for $25 a pop, then once you get past your boobs, you’ve got nothing.

Also, why are we assuming that every sucker guy buying these pix is a married man betraying their wives?  They could be just your typical every day young guy who is seeking a complementary good for his bottle of lotion.

A Krona to a Krispy Kreme says that a very high supermajority of such “Thots” came from single mother led households.

PS: If you see a seemingly no-talent no-profession chick on Instagram with “booking information” on her IG page, then you can probably figure out what you would be “booking” her for. That’s a common scam that plain ole straight up prostitutes are using to launder their “profession.”



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27 11 2018
Hard Right

Fine, but if they had more than their boobs, they’d be doing whatever it is.

They could always get jobs as Federal agents.

NCIS agent ‘damaged FBI probe’ by having affair with terror suspect who threw her lavish birthday bash and took her on vacation to Greece

30 11 2018
Hard Right

Wonder if she’s a porta-potty?

30 11 2018
Hard Right

Or political science professors….

But for Reba Maybury, a 27-year-old political science professor and professional dominatrix, the larger problem is a historical power imbalance that she’s now working to correct in a unique fashion.

A socialist of mixed-race background, Marbury, who also goes by the name Mistress Rebecca, says that she had “always been fascinated by sex and notions of shame around sexuality,” particularly in regard to fetishes.

For many of her clientele, who are almost exclusively white right-wing men because she finds herself unable “to be even fictionally cruel to any other type of man,” that fetish is serving a powerful woman.

Sounds pretty bogus to me.

3 12 2018
Hard Right

Or as teachers….

Brianna Nicole Stanley, 23, was arrested and charged with three counts of felony statutory sex offense against a child less than 13, five counts of felony indecent liberties with a student by a teacher, five counts of felony sexual activity by a teacher, and one count of felony third-degree child exploitation related to child pornography.

3 12 2018
Hard Right

Getting back on topic….

You ain”t no Kelly LeBrock, sweetpea.

Pay up.

6 10 2021
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