St. Louis County Happenings.

4 01 2019

Guest post by Puggg

First things first, Wesley Bell wasted no time inflicting his damage.

And now, Belmar wants to merge the SLMPD and the SLCPD.

Let’s talk about all this in the comments.




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4 01 2019
5 01 2019

I’m the resident bleeding-heart liberal here and I think almost every one of those policy changes is questionable if not nuts. And the two I would usually agree with are obviously going to be abused in context.

The donor(s) have spoken.

5 01 2019

(1) Wesley Bell.

All this was very predictable, and in fact, predicted. One of you in the peanut gallery stated that the biggest problem with Bell will be that he’ll try to string up white people who defend themselves against black criminality.

Ironically, the one thing Bell gets right is the one thing he’s getting the most official pushback on:

(2) Belmar.

The St. Louis regional domestic policy deep state has, for a few years now, been all in on city-county reunification. The notion that Belmar’s ideas are different from the ideas that the Steve and Lyda Show are fronting for is a distinction without a difference. And I’ll repeat my subversive theory that we all should look past the official public narrative about the stated reasons for reunification and merger — The real driving force behind the merger is that the insurance industry wants to eliminate the city judicial circuit. Which means that insurance’s sworn enemy, the trial lawyer lobby, will be the only real force that stops reunification, if it figures out what’s really going on here and gets it into gear to resist.

6 01 2019

Is it possible only to consolidate the Court system? I’m thinking the criminal defense bar wouldnt like the new jury composition, but wasnt there some consolidation of the “municipal” courts already?

8 01 2019

I think the MO Const. requires a judicial circuit for every county. As of the current, St. Louis City is technically its own county.

The criminal defense bar would probably join the trial lawyer lobby to resist, provided they figure out what’s happening.

5 01 2019

Not that it was not already unofficially a chocolate city, but STL has now become a bona fide, full on, African potentate. The STL jigs and white cucks (I am sure most of the fags too) voted in this burr-head. Oh well. They can suck on it. BTW, will the child support ‘fundamental cultural transformation’ apply to dead-beat white dads or only the melanin enriched baby daddies?

5 01 2019
Alright Dan

Sunday Post this weekend, the big front page headline is about city county reunification.

7 01 2019
8 01 2019

The crucial thing in there which tells me my subversive theory is correct:

A singular unified court system.

The national insurance industry wants the St. Louis City Judicial Circuit gone. Trust me on that.

Also of interest is the unified police agency for the entire jurisdiction. You don’t have to be as plugged in as I once was to know what I’m about to tell you, but you do have to read local news widely and carefully. A unified police department, in concert with the singular court system, would mean that St. Louis City’s severe black crime, even more severe in the last few years because of the Ferguson Effect, would get statistically covered up by adding St. Louis County’s white people to the denominator.

If this plan happens, then “St. Louis’s” crime rate will “miracuously” plummet, and “St. Louis” will never be at or near the top of the national rankings for most dangerous cities ever again.

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