Less Gang Violence?

6 01 2019

Guest post by Puggg

From US News:

Columbia Police Investigate Lieutenant’s Social Media Posts

Columbia police are investigating a lieutenant’s social media posts, including one stating there would be less gang violence had the South won the Civil War.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that Brian Tate investigated alleged misconduct while working as an internal affairs supervisor from 2015 until last September, when he was promoted to lieutenant in the patrol division. The Tribune sent city officials several screenshots of tweets from Tate’s now-private personal account, including one shaming a poor family for living in a mobile home after it caught fire. Tate repeatedly identifies himself as a Columbia police officer in his feed.

Acting police chief Jill Schlude didn’t answer whether Tate’s post were inappropriate, but also said the department will investigate. Tate didn’t respond to emailed questions from the Tribune.

It’s the Columbia in the middle of Missouri, just to be clear.

So what do we think about this?




7 responses

7 01 2019
Hard Right

We think he’s about to lose his job.

8 01 2019

There would be more gang violence today if the South won. Only because, at least for the first few decades, a newly independent CSA would have resumed the legal importation of black slaves. But at some point, slavery would have become obsolete, and the a lot of the OFE would have poured north across the border from the CSA to the USA, just like in our real world the Great Migration happened.

There would be more gang violence because there would be more negroes, pure and simple.

8 01 2019
Hard Right

The Tribune article is a real hit piece.


They even have quotes from a “doctoral student”


Interestingly, she led a campaign against a “housing complex” being built in her neighborhood.

9 01 2019
Nicholas Stix

The MSM are the real police, these days. Search-and-destroy missions against whites for crimethink are now much of what passes for “journalism.”

9 01 2019
Hard Right

My favorite quote from the Tribune piece:

Group president Traci Wilson-Kleekamp said she was told many in the department exhibit discriminatory views exhibited by Tate….

I was told that there are no racists at the Columbia Police Departmnt.

Are you going to quote me?

9 01 2019
Hard Right

Two Shield Maidens Beat the Fuck out of a Tranny in a Raleigh Restroom


Raleigh, N.C. — Two women have been charged with assaulting a 29-year-old transgender person in a bathroom at a popular Glenwood South bar last month.

Let’s hear it for strong independent wimmins!

9 01 2019

If the South had won the War of Northern Aggression, I like to think that the darkies would have been kept in their place until technology made them obsolete and ripe for deportation back to da Mommaland.

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