Assassination Attempt, Pure and Simple

8 01 2019


He’s the AfD organizational leader for the city-state of Bremen, and is also in the Bundestag.

After a gang of Antifa got done with him on New Year’s Eve.  The only reason he survived is because some passersby chased the assailants off and called 112.

Last week, an AfD office in Döbeln, about halfway between Leipzig and Dresden, was bombed.

Here’s how the mainline paper in Bremen covered it, they softpedaled how serious it was.




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8 01 2019

Drudge has picked it up, but the version he links to claims it took place in Frankfurt. It really took place in Bremen.

8 01 2019
David In TN

George Will a few days ago wrote a column “Today’s Germany is the best Germany the World Has Seen.” The theme is Merkel does conservatism right and Trump does it wrong.

Will has just visited Germany. He indicated his next column will be an attack on the AfD.

8 01 2019

He must have come here and stayed for only about 60 seconds.

Mutti isn’t even doing conservatism right in terms of American lamer and normiecons’ desires.

8 01 2019

And yes, eliminationism is to blame.

Bremen and Döbeln are the worst, but party elected officials and public activists have been the targets of lower level criminality and harassment for around a year.

During the Hessian state legislature campaign season back in October, someone pointed a gun at an AfD canvasser and literature distributor in a larger town in the northern part of the state, and the motivation was political.

8 01 2019
8 01 2019

I seem to recall a well known radical organizer attempting something like that in Chicago in 2016.

9 01 2019

Tonight’s update.

10 01 2019

This afternoon’s update

Which we knew anyway, but it’s nice to have pretty much a signed confession:

Die Welt’s coverage of this development:

10 01 2019

If the police detectives in that city are doing what they should, then they’re rounding up people from that gang and rolling them up using whatever illegal hustles they’re doing as leverage in order to make their ways to the actual doers.

11 01 2019

That’s what they’re going to have to do if there’s ever any hope of finding the actual suspects. Because the video is useless, it doesn’t show anything more than the construction workers who intervened and stopped it, thereby saving his life, saw with their own eyes. And we didn’t even need Antifa’s confession on Indymedia to know that Antifa did it, because we know who the victim was and what kind of city Bremen is, it has an Antifa infestation problem.

I should say that, during the summer, when we had our day in Bremen, I found it to be the German city that most holistically reminds me of St. Louis. The next stop was Hamburg, in which we spent two days, and knowing what I know now, I wish we would have done two in Bremen and only one in Hamburg.

Now, I’m here in Bremen, under far less than ideal circumstances, and I was today and will be tomorrow, (which, as I write this, tomorrow has suddenly become today), even though it’s given me an opportunity to take in more of Bremen.

11 01 2019
13 01 2019

If you think I’m taking this matter personally, you’re not imagining things.

Because I know that, in some way or form, once you take that severe of one or more hits to the head, you’ll never be the same again.

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