Four Columns

25 01 2019

Washington, D.C.;  Berlin

The news from late yesterday, and for me, it’s now yesterday, of Trump caving yet again, and realizing there will be no wall or no real border security, especially not of the sort that the United States of America needs, has made me think about a few things.  They sorta parallel with my thoughts about the object lesson of the Yellow Vest Movement, (which has been spreading in the last two weeks here in Germany), for our sector.

Our movement is at a crossroads.

I think it’s time our movement and our sector takes a big step back to take stock of it and ourselves.

Get out a piece of paper, and divide it into four columns.

In the first column, list the things you think we’re doing that are effective and yielding positive results.

In the second column, list the things that we’re doing that may be yielding some positive results, but disappointingly little considering all the energy we’re putting into them.

In the third column, list the things that aren’t working through no fault of our own.

In the fourth column, list our unforced errors, the things that aren’t working that are our fault.

Be honest with ourselves, and I might also advised that some of us might have our sacred cows gored.




9 responses

26 01 2019

“list our unforced errors, the things that aren’t working that are our fault.”

Richard Spencer, Mike Peinovich, all blackpillers, and anyone who thought that Trump would govern as a monarch. Oh yeah Charlottesville was a total disaster too. Shall I go on?

27 01 2019

C-ville goes in the third column, because our side did everything by the book, but had no way of knowing that the other side was going to engage in all the skulduggery that it did as deeply as it did.

26 01 2019

You forgot The Fifth Column, AKA our nation-wrecking jews.

27 01 2019
Hard Right

That’s the Fourth Column.

You’d rather whine about Jews than actually accomplish anything.

27 01 2019

Maybe a real Holocaust and not the fake Holohoax from WWII.

27 01 2019
Rule Four | Countenance Blog

[…] points back to my post back on Friday.  I think “Learn to Code” is as ingenious as “It’s Okay to Be […]

27 01 2019

Which in turn points to a problem.

We can come up with all the best memes, and we can absolutely dominate even mainstream media and platform comment sections. Which means there’s all this public anger out there.

It’s just that we have no way of transmitting this anger to effective public policy changes.

Imagine if the Bugatti Chyron didn’t have a transmission.

I happen to think the Deep State has figured this out, and allows us memes and comment sections as blowoff valves, but makes damned sure we don’t ever get a hold of an effective transmission.

27 01 2019

It’s the social atomization and a culture that is very clear that associating with “losers” will be your social end, and that’s far more important in the “business world” than it used to be pre-GFC. All of that money printing went somewhere, and a lot of it built a very strange set of ecosystems where social failure equals financial banishment (which is why the “hipster” areas are so conformist).

How that could get turned around might very well be the definative question of 2019.

27 01 2019

Enough gets through. The pot is simmering unto boiling. Whiteys like me are too. Woe be to the damned when the we cut loose.

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