The Trump Presidency Ended Yesterday

26 01 2019

Washington, D.C.

While he’ll still do plenty of good things in the remainder of his presidency, and he might yet still pull out the pen and phone to get the wall built, the reason it ended yesterday is that the Great Negotiator got rolled by NANCY F’N PELOSI.

How does he now expect to be taken seriously by Xi and Kim?

He came to drain the swamp, and the swamp drained him.

Remember a prediction I made maybe about a year and a half ago?  It won’t matter now, now that the swamp won.  Really, he ought to just save face and not embarrass himself next year, and just announce he’s not going to seek a second term.

Furthermore, I’m all the more glad I’m not physically in the open air insane asylum called the United States of America as of the present.  I get to watch the American Empire die from a safe distance.





9 responses

26 01 2019

wont the shutdown continue in 3weeks?

27 01 2019

At which time he’ll fold again.

26 01 2019

I expect better from you. Black-pilling is silly. I mean, I know that blackpillers would love to be mad as hell all weekend about this, possibly even to the point of suicide, but doesn’t it seem like a good idea to wait for Trump’s next move, before jumping to conclusions? My sense is this: a Friday-afternoon offer of a three-week reprieve? Something’s up with that.

By the way Trump’s best chance to get a wall through legislative means failed because of Paul Ryan. He wasn’t going to get one from Pelosi. He was losing the PR war, and cut his losses.

27 01 2019
Hard Right

27 01 2019
Alex the Goon

If Trump doesn’t like us blackpilled, he should quit shoving them down our throats. Yeah, we can “wait 3 weeks and see” if he follows through, but in the meantime? Fool me once, fool me twenty…
I know the “Game” people think he’s some kind of Alpha master, but half the country are men, and we don’t get tingles in our assholes from his bullshit push/pull antics. Eventually, we realize he’s just full of shit.

28 01 2019
Hard Right

26 01 2019

I said this right after the mid-terms. I told my brother that POTUS Trump had until the end of January 2019 to enact the ‘Michael Corleone wipe out the heads of the five families strategy’ or else he would be a one term prez no better than the imbeciles who came before him.
Sadly, POTUS Trump was betrayed/back-stabbed by the Dems and Repubs and the Deep State shit-weasels, and he folded. Guess we should have voted for JEBburitto. That weasel-dick would have just continued Obamohammed’s and his idiot brothers sell-out of America to the globohomoists/jews.

27 01 2019

Come up with someone better than Trump. So far he is the ONLY one that is reasonable, cannot be substituted. Jared Taylor for President! Colin Flaherty? Ann Coulter? And what safe distance are you at? Germanistan? Go to Hungary or Poland for safety, not sure how much longer.

28 01 2019

Germany will save itself before the United States ever does, if it does.

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