The Steve and Lyda Show’s Official World Premiere

28 01 2019

Downtown;  Clayton

“Better Together” has officially dropped.  (Ch 2, Ch 4, Ch 5, P-D)

I don’t have time to read it, so I’m going to take the St. Louis media’s interpretation at face value, even though I know that’s a bit of a risk.

It is what I’ve been expecting, based on my being able to follow this milieu from almost a front row seat from July 2013 until being so rudely inconvenienced on July 19, 2017.  Yours truly coined the phrase “Steve and Lyda Show” as a clever metonym for the city-county reunification movement the month before being so rudely inconvenienced.

I told you two things about The Steve and Lyda Show all along, even long before I called it that:

(1)  The all but totally unspoken reason for it is that the insurance industry wants the St. Louis City based 22nd Missouri state judicial circuit gone, because St. Louis City juries are known for sticking it to da man, i.e. anyone with more than two nickels to rub together.  Insurance industry funded research into “judicial hellholes” show St. Louis City/22nd as the or close to the worst “judicial hellhole” in the country.  This purpose I know from my days of having that almost a front row seat, but is not obvious even to outsiders who pay close attention.

(2)  Outsiders who have paid close attention long enough know the other reason why reunification is desired in certain circles:  Crime.  Not in terms of making it better in actuality, but it terms of statistically making it disappear.  Reunification means combining city and county in terms of a law enforcement agency, judicial circuit, and most importantly, crime reporting.  What it really means is that puffing up the denominator of what is legally considered “St. Louis” using the relatively well behaved white people of St. Louis County as statistical cover in order to reduce the homicide, violent crime and STD rate for “St. Louis.”  This way, “St. Louis” will no longer be at or near the top of the annual surveys for worst violent crime, worst homicide or worst STD cities.  Because, sometimes the solution to dirty floors is a bigger rug.

Now that you know, in case you didn’t already, that the real purposes of reunification are helping the insurance industry and covering city black violence with a rug, let’s look at what Better Together officially proposes to do and explicitly proposes not to do:

* Create a single judicial circuit for the unified entity
* Create a single civic government for the unified entity
* Create a unified law enforcement agency for the unified entity
* Leave existing fire departments in place (Legalese:  The STLFD would be legally redefined as its own “fire protection district” within the unified entity)
* Leave existing school districts in place

Well, well, well.

Everything I’ve been saying, and then some.

Leaving the school districts in place means that white voters in what are still majority white school districts in St. Louis County, the Mehlville to Parkway belt, and everything in between, won’t have to worry that reunification will mean mashing up all the school districts into one big super giant district and therefore requiring “intra”-district race-based deseg within the hypothetically unified entity wide district.  And leaving the fire departments in place I suspect is designed to leave the STLFD in place, for the purposes of affirmative action.  The schools thing and the fire department thing being left out is designed to create as few reasons as possible for anyone to vote against and to mobilize against B/T.

Public employees for St. Louis City and the many municipalities in St. Louis County have a direct incentive to oppose Better Together, and bet on hearing them make some level of noise.  But, like I said, this is really being done at the behest of the insurance industry (hint:  Rex Sinquefield is a B/T donor), so it’s time for the sworn political superpower enemy of the insurance industry, which is the trial lawyer industry, to get it in gear.  Most of the noise that St. Louisans and Missourians (statewide, because it will take a statewide vote on a Constitutional amendment to make it happen) hear in opposition to this will be funded by the trial lawyer lobby from behind the curtains.  They want to save the 22nd Circuit, for the same reason the insurance lobby wants it gone.

In summary, St. Louis City and St. Louis County are about to become a big public battlefield in the long raging covert/clandestine war between insurance and trial lawyers, a war that usually only rages in the niches of electoral and interest group politics.

Ironically, I write this tonight from Berlin, which is not only its own city, but also its own state.




26 responses

29 01 2019

I skimmed over the full document over lunch, and from what I gleaned, nothing of it changes my mind. The document is just one layer of bullshitese piled over another over another over another. Hint: It name drops Raj Chetty.

But the key takeaway for me, reading between all the bullshitese, is that the St. Louis civic elite have decided on a political strategy of getting this thing passed, (other than a $25 million war chest largely funded by the insurance industry), is to go really hard in the paint on the black / equity / social justice / inclusion angles.

At the same time, don’t touch school district boundaries for what I said here, to keep white people in the remaining majority white school districts from having a reason to mobilize and vote against.

So if B/T can get an energized and very high supermajority of the black vote, (it won’t be monolithic like a Democrat-vs-Republican election, because some blacks have an incentive to vote against it, because eliminating municipalities will cost some of them their jobs and power bases), and blunt white opposition in St. Louis County, then B/T will win. As for the rest of the state, they’ll probably sell it in terms of B/T helping St. Louis metro and regional finances to the point where more resources can be diverted to rural Missouri. Of course it will be a big fib, but the point here is lying their asses off convincingly enough and for just long enough to win an election, not to tell the truth.

29 01 2019

I also saw skimming over the official report that there was one of those God-forsaken focus groups soliciting the opinion of local youths. You know, the essence of Hell is NOT a subterranean perennially and unbearably hot fire pit, but instead a nice temperate pleasant meadow with an infinite proliferation of focus groups as far as the eye can see. (I should add that to my master list of Axioms. Speaking of which, Kamala Harris is an exemplar of my 67th Axiom.)

Anyway, the focus group that B/T used was said to be 65% girls/women, 35% boys/men, 87.5% black, 12.5% white. Converting those percentages to fractions then doing the lowest common denominator thing, the F/G had 40 yoots, 26 women, 14 men, and 35 black, 5 white. So, basically, a bunch of teenage black girls. Because teenage black girls must be some sort of fount of political wisdom in general, and they obviously have the pulse of St. Louis’s teenagers and young adults.

And what did these “youths” come up with? Surprise: A bunch of juvenile platitudes, and regurgitating the party lines and conventional wisdom of the B/T effort. Which again points back to one of my axioms: Young people as a generality are not revolutionaries, they are conformists, and to the extent that they appear to be revolutionaries, it’s only because a revolutionary old person is behind the scenes pulling the strings. Blacks more than whites regurgitate whatever they’ve heard, provided they even give a shit, and girls and women, more than boys and men, are the same kind of conformists to the narrative. So if all you want is validation of what you already think with the plausible veneer of it coming from “youths,” get a bunch of teenage black girls together.

29 01 2019
David In TN

I was a college student in the late 60’s, early 70’s. This era of “student rebellion” featured as conforming a group of people as ever lived.

29 01 2019
Alright Dan

Your city needs you now more than ever, yet you’re far away. I’m gonna do what you like to do and make the song pun.

29 01 2019


I’ve missed this!

“Because, sometimes the solution to dirty floors is a bigger rug.” ROTFL!

29 01 2019

You know me.

There is political mendacity and skulduggery afoot in St. Louis.

That’s my cue.

And it doesn’t matter where I am. As long as I have both a device and connectivity, I’ll be able to snark about it. Even if I’m aboard New Horizons on my way out of this solar system bih.

29 01 2019

I will note the irony of me talking about a political issue using the term “reunification” whilst in Berlin.

29 01 2019

The B/T dropped a vid. It’s the same kind of layered bullshitese as is their written report.

I mean, all these social problems are entirely and exclusively the fault of there being city and county lines. For instance, the life expectancy in Clayton being 85 but in Bell Curve City Jeff Vanderlou only being 67 is entirely the fault of there being a city-county line between Clayton and the city of St. Louis. I’m also thinking that magic and tragic dirt plays a part.

Then again, when you’ve got the kind of bread the insurance industry does, you can afford a lot of opaque political skulduggery in the service of yourself.

29 01 2019

I’m not that sophisticated or erudite or as capable of abstract thought and big words like the rest of youse guys. I suggest that STL get rid of its nigger population and everything else will sort out itself.

30 01 2019
David In TN

Several months ago you said a young white man murdered by a black career criminal deserved what he got.

You’re just brain dead stupid.

30 01 2019

What, are you a woman who catalogs everything stated by everyone. You would make a good fish-wife. BTW, I do not even know to what you refer. I might have referred to some whitey who thought that they were a negro whisperer and down with the homeys and got their skull caved in by their ‘black friend’.

31 01 2019
David In TN

Gordon Schaffer was a young white man murdered while working the night shift at a Pizza Hut in Columbia,Tennessee on October 20, 2014. It was brought up on a thread here several months ago. You said white people deserved it working a job like that.

The Blogmeister’s biggest fan zinged you by saying many white people have to work jobs like this to support themselves.

I attended the trial in April of last year. This ( is what I wrote about the verdict and sentencing. The victim impact testimony by his mother was hard to watch.

31 01 2019

Still does not ring a bell. I have read countless accounts of whiteys working pizza delivery and who were murdered by spooks. I might have commented on the fact that they were working a job that brought them into close proximity to the murder-monkeys and that they were unarmed and thus ready victims. In that circumstance, yes, they deserve what they get. I carry two firearms and an edged weapon at all times. I live in a third-tier city in central Florida that has shit-apes and spics all over the place (unlike 50 years ago when my family first moved here). My head is on a swivel at all times whenever I see spooks or spics. This is a sad circumstance for which we can thank the Christ-killing jews and their treachery/subversion regards our open borders and immigration policies from 55 years ago. BTW, I had a vibrant encounter with a rampaging nigger in the 80’s. I gave that fucking ape a hot lead injection. Just so a cucked and triggered snowflake like you does not think that I am talking out of my ass.

31 01 2019
David In TN

So you’re just too stupid to remember what you wrote. You proved my point.

1 02 2019

Hey, you’re the fem who brought it up. Research it and get back to me.

30 01 2019
30 01 2019

“Chesterfield leadership,” meaning people associated with its city government. Of course anyone associated with a legal governmental entity that will be eliminated by a given plan will oppose the plan. In related news, fish oppose draining the lake.

However, I do think that the political strategists working the B/T pro side know that they have to keep the opposition from white/red St. Louis County (more or less perfectly congruous with St. Louis County that’s in CD-3) to a minimum, which is why B/T won’t touch school districts, and why it will heavily play the cost of government angle to the white/red sections of St. Louis County.

30 01 2019

Then there’s this:

Kim Gardner must not read or watch the news in her own city. Doesn’t she know that Official St. Louis now officially deems that city limits signs cause violent crime?

30 01 2019

Ah, the end result of the Civil Rights Act/Voting Rights Act. America is reverting to the African mean. Some places, like STL, faster than others. We can thank our Hebrew friends for that.

31 01 2019

Continuing my German analogy, doesn’t this whole Better Together proposal smell a lot like Gleichschaltung?

You know how it goes: You may not be interested in the Louschaltung, but the Louschaltung is interested in you.

2 02 2019
3 02 2019
Any Given Sunday | Countenance Blog

[…] article sits at the intersectionality of what were two of my serial interests, one of which is now hot again:  The Great Stadium Soap Opera of 2015, and what I now term the Louschaltung (portmanteau of St. […]

4 02 2019
4 02 2019

As the leader of one of the state’s fastest growing counties, Ehlmann said the merger would have a major impact on the region’s image. While it wouldn’t fix the crime problem, the change in population size would move St. Louis far down the most dangerous cities list.

He’s confessing to the “big rug” strategy.

Ehlmann told News 4 those in St. Charles County and across the state already invest in the City of St. Louis. Whether through historic tax credits or taxes at the airport, Ehlmann believes it’s in the best interest of the region to see St. Louis improve.

This is how the Louschaltung is going to get people outside of St. Louis City and County vote for it, play up the tax savings angle. Since the insurance industry and its desire to eliminate the 22nd circuit is the real driving force, and the insurance industry wields heavy influence on Republican Party politicians and on right-of-center think tanks, I doubt they’ll have much trouble coming up with slick arguments to get those votes.

Not everyone agrees it’s the right plan. Some municipal leaders are looking into alternatives to the Better Together proposal.

People whose positions would be eliminated by a plan don’t think it’s the right plan. How insightful.

12 02 2019
7 05 2019
Who Murdered Better Together? | Countenance Blog

[…] the official Better Together plan officially dropped just a little more than three months ago, I happened to be in Berlin on that day, making thinking about the concept of reunification a bit […]

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