Any Given Sunday

3 02 2019

Greetings from Warsaw.

First off, even if I really had an interest to watch the Super Bowl, the kickoff is at 12:30 AM in my time zone, (Poland and Germany are both on UTC+1), and I’ll be well off into log sawing land by then.

But I saw this interesting piece in SI tonight.

This article sits at the intersectionality of what were two of my serial interests, one of which is now hot again:  The Great Stadium Soap Opera of 2015, and what I now term the Louschaltung (portmanteau of St. (LOU)is and Gleichschaltung), the city-county reunification effort.  (Remember, you might not be interested in the Louschaltung, but the Louschaltung is interested in you.)

I might have mentioned here once or twice or 847,295 times, but just in case you either missed it or are new here, I figured from just about the get-go of the North Riverfront stadium proposal at about the start of 2015 that it wasn’t a serious plan, that local and state officials were going through the motions of looking serious about proposing something that smelled like a serious plan to build what seriously could have been a new stadium, because they all knew that Kroenke was going to move the Rams back to L.A., so they wanted to position themselves on the chessboard in such a way that, when what they knew would happen eventually did happen, all the PR splatter and civic anger would splat on Kroenke’s face, and none of it on any elected or non-elected St. Louis civic officials.

From this article, it seems like that effort has massively succeeded, considering the way “Kroenke” is now a cuss word back on the old home city.

The only thing I got wrong in the long term is that I presumed that Kroenke made up his mind about moving the Rams back to L.A. in the spring of 2014, because the whole Donald Sterling non-troversy relating to the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA showed the business community how valuable a Los Angeles based major pro sports franchise can be.  As it turned out, after the move was done, and people started confessing to stuff, Kroenke actually made up his mind in 2012.

Now, as for the matter of the Louschaltung, it says in the SI article that Kroenke’s formal application to the league for relocation:

St. Louis is a misunderstood place, a city that boomed a century ago and then had a lot of things that didn’t break its way. Chicago reversed the flow of its river, sending us its sludge downstream and then outpacing us with growth. Municipal leaders did some disingenuous and stupid things as they drew boundaries, creating this arcane setup where the microscopic city is left with declining population and atrocious schools. Most of what we call St. Louis is actually St. Louis County, in a bizarre twist, and has its own separate set of demographics and statistics more robust than the city’s. All of us former Kool-Aid babies understand this. Kroenke understands this. And then he and the Rams used those quirks and mistakes, twisted those facts, to pave the Rams’ path out of town. In the team’s application to move away, Kroenke and his cronies listed a smattering of stats about the city’s stagnancy—most of which took into account only the city, not the 10-times-larger metro area—to claim a place that had played home to an NFL team for 49 seasons between the Cardinals and Rams couldn’t viably support one.

In reality, those stats were just an excuse, and even if he didn’t list them, the league still would have approved his relocation application.  That’s because Kroenke is among NFL owners the “good cop” to Jerry Jones’s “bad cop,” and the league has wanted a team back in L.A. badly for a long time.  But that’s not quite the point:  The point is as long as “St. Louis” in terms of the city proper is as statistically bad as it is based on the fact that it’s a relatively small entity both geographically and population-wise, it houses a particularly degenerate black undertow, the more of an embarrassment it becomes to everyone in the region, and hurts the metropolitan area’s prospects.  Or so they say.  Which is why, if you look closely enough, you’ll find one of the two real reasons for the Louschaltung is the “big rug” thesis, that is, using the relatively well behaved white people of St. Louis County as statistical cover for the high violent crime, homicide and STD rates for black St. Louis City.




14 responses

3 02 2019

Gleich = Equal, Schaltung = Shifting.

So the literal translation of the parts suggests “equal shifting.”

In context, and as a common gerund, it means “coordination” or “phasing in.”

But as a proper noun, it meant the German National Socialist Workers Party government’s effort to eliminate/neutralize/deemphasize local and regional differences and distinctions.

Which is a lot of what St. Louis City and County reunification is about.

3 02 2019

The reason Berlin couldn’t deport said political party’s head is because apparently deportation orders issued by Prussia had to go to the Bavarian State government to be carried out (and vice versa). And they quickly moved some paper (insert German bureaucracy joke here) before parliamentary immunity rendered that whole idea moot. Later, the same concept allowed various individuals to take power at the Stadt level (Prussian Minister of the Interior, in particular), then dissolve or absorb other offices.

One thing I dont understand, if the insurance companies want this, dont they risk ethnic bloc voting compromising the biggest (new) judicial circut? Admittedly, I have no idea how Missouri venue rules work.

4 02 2019

It’s not “voting” in what would be the new combined judicial circuit, it would be jury composition. St. Louis City juries stick it to the man, St. Louis County juries (historically, and still somewhat today) are business-friendly. Combining St. Louis City and County means that a jury on a civil trial would have enough business-minded white people such that there could never be a nine out of twelve verdict sticking it to da man for big dollar amounts. Which means that, unlike today’s St. Louis City circuit, where a lot of plaintiffs’ lawyers venue shop civil lawsuits because they know they’ll get a friendly jury, they wouldn’t even bother using a combined city-county circuit for venue shopping.

I also tend to think that a combined circuit on the criminal end will cut down on the Bronx juries, something else the current City circuit is famous for.

3 02 2019
Nicholas Stix

I see learning German is having favorable, linguistically miscegenationist effects. During my first year at the University of Tuebingen, I used to combine “Verwaltug” (“administration”) and “Vergewaltigung” (rape), calling the former the latter.

Another translation: “creating this arcane setup where the microscopic city is left with declining population [white flight, due to murderous black supremacists] and atrocious [murderous black supremacist] schools.”

3 02 2019

Uh, I have said it before. I lived/worked in STL. Get rid of the niggers, and you have a terrific city. That was easy.

4 02 2019
Hard Right

I really don’t care whose nigger runs the fastest.

4 02 2019

Clown Car Amurrika

Anyone who is outraged that Adam Levine took his shirt off is really only doing it because they’re either an out of shape guy, or a gal with such a guy.

The last time I really mentioned him in this space was back in 2012, when he said he’d “lose his shit” if Mitt Romney became President. You know, back in the days before the Strange New Respect Machine blew the wind to Romney’s favor, when Romney was the fire breathing Nazi of the day.

5 02 2019
Hard Right

Never heard of the guy. Looks like a faggot.

5 02 2019
Hard Right

The super bowl halftime show was absolute trash

So he takes his shirt off, displaying the full cultural degeneracy of 2019 with his trashy tattoos while a wanna-be p1mp in a big fur coat like an old Russian babooshka starts rapping about some ****.

You might need to revise your theory, Count.

4 02 2019

I finally figured out why no team has signed Kaepernick, in spite of what are serviceable enough skills to be a backup.

It’s because he attached himself to the kind of political cause which attached him emotionally to the SJW-BLM Twitter mob and associated clickholes.

If you’re a GM or head coach, sure, the mob would love you, at first, temporarily. But you’d be signing him for a backup role, not a starter. It wouldn’t take long until the mob turns on you and starts hating you 24/7 for not starting him.

4 02 2019
David In TN

That was a factor in the reluctance to have a black QB. If (when) you had to bench him, you’d be attacked for “racism.”

This is what happened with James Harris on the 70’s Rams. Owner Carroll Rosenbloom was a big liberal who wanted to give a black QB a chance. So he signed Harris as a free agent in 1972 after Harris was cut by Buffalo and waived through the league with no takers.

Harris started for two years, but was prone to the big error, and did poorly in big games. When he was replaced by Pat Haden in mid-season 1976, the LA black press blasted the owner. The head coach, Chuck Knox, said nothing, acting as if he had no say in who his QB was.

The moral? Los Angeles Rams owner Carroll Rosenbloom signed a black QB, and ends up being accused by the Racism Lobby.

5 02 2019

No misguided, virtue-signalling good deed goes unpunished.

5 02 2019

With all due respect, I think you’re a bit off on the jury pool in St. Louis County. When I started practicing, heck, when I was in law school, I clerked for an insurance defense firm in Clayton. The lawyer had a rough formula: 1.5 times specials in the county, 2.5 in the City.

I’ve been practicing for 20 years. I’m told by my PI friends and colleagues that STL county is no longer a problem for them (obviously the prefer the city).

The demographics in STL county have changed significantly in the 20 years I’ve been practicing law. I don’t do PI (much) but I’m in the courthouse all the time and you can just see it.

6 02 2019

Oh I kinda figured that. And the notion that St. Louis County juries are consummately pro-business is 30 years out of date. But I think that misses the point: The point is getting four non-proletarian white people on a civil jury to prevent stick-it-to-da-man verdicts of liability. And even with St. Louis County’s changed demographics, a civil trial in Clayton (or in the hypothetical county seat of the Louschaltung) means that you’re likely to get at least four West County whites on the jury. And that’s what the insurance industry is licking its chops over.

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