State of the Meh

6 02 2019

Washington, D.C.

The person of Donald John Trump has the ability to deliver some really insightful political oratory, especially considering that he’s not a lifelong politician or political hack.  He has given several such speeches since he rode down the escalator.

Last night was not one of them.  While it had its moments, it was just your usual uninspiring SOTU laundry list, and had way too much pandering to Democrat-left oriented interest groups, even more than I’ve come to accept from him.

Yet the world is raving over this SOTU.  While it mostly ignored his speeches that I really liked.  Go figure.

That’s just the way it is with me — While I don’t think I’m some sort of contrarian, I have noticed that I tend to do the polar opposite of the crowd.  It’s like my writing — That which I put a lot of time into and proofread 87,000 ways to Sunday, people are like meh.  But the junk I just let roll off my fingers and only proofread for big errors, that’s the stuff that people really eat up like grandma’s apple pie.

Note:  I couldn’t help but notice relatively hard charging Trump in front of disinterested sour pus reading whatever the hell paperwork she had in her hands Pelosi.  Remember, just a matter of days ago, the person in front politically surrendered to the person in back.




8 responses

6 02 2019

I agree with you and so does most of alt right twitter. Charlie Kirk and Mitt Romney thought it was great, all we need to know. I was thinking during it, “So this is what a Romney SOTU would look like”.

6 02 2019

I left Warsaw this morning, now I’m beginning my mini-tour. I’ll probably be involved with something at 6 PM tonight such that I won’t be able to listen to the start of Rush even for a few minutes, which is usually all I can these days even under good circumstances. But I bet he’s going to just love this SOTU.

6 02 2019
David In TN

It was the kind of speech an incumbent makes pointing toward the next election.

6 02 2019
Hard Right

“I haven’t done shit for you, but I’m a whole lot better than those other guys.”

6 02 2019

I turned it off after around 20 minutes. Figured if any fireworks happened I could see the highlights on Youtube some time today. Sorta like a 13-3 Super Bowl, don’t really need to watch it, just a few minutes to see the few highlights that mattered.

6 02 2019

Also it was pretty damned long, pushing an hour and a half, pretty long by Trump standards.

8 02 2019

I am starting a campaign to draft Obergruppenfuhrer Smith for POTUS in 2020 with Vlad Putin as his running mate.

16 02 2019
Nicholas Stix

As I’ve tweeted repeatedly to whoever reads Trump’s feed, I’m no longer interested in anything he has to say. I’m only interested in his building the wall. I end every twit to him,

#Thatsnicebutjustbuildthedarnedwall! and


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