Life is a Massive Irony Content Generator

7 02 2019

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

Somewhere in Poland.

I’ve been working on The Witch Elm for more than a month.  So slowly, because I’ll often have to put more important reading and material ahead of it.

But tonight, I got to knock back two whole chapters.

Think of a famous actor who is in the news this week over something he did in Dublin a long time ago.  Like all of Tana French’s novels, TWE is set in Dublin.

Page 253:

I could hardly track down the burglars and force them to spill the story, my badass Liam Neeson fantasies notwithstanding.





One response

12 02 2019

It gets better. I’m back in Berlin for a few days after having made my way around Poland, and tonight I knocked back the explosive ninth chapter. In it, Leon alludes to Berlin a few times, about being tired of it, about wanting to go back there, about what it was like for him when he lived there.

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