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14 03 2019


Our sector, ROTFLMAO, with the way we’re losing our collective minds.

Gushing over some left wing open borders g**k.




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14 03 2019

Where does the sector go from here? Trump was a miserable failure. I do admit to scratching my head over the Yang phenomenon, though.

15 03 2019
Hard Right

Dave in TN probably remembers these….

15 03 2019
David In TN

I remember all right. I voted for McGovern, first vote I ever cast. I voted Democratic until 1994.

I think it was during the primaries McGovern said he was going to give every person a check for $1000. Soon after the convention, the Democratic VP nominee, from the Blogmeister;s home state, was revealed to have (had?) treatment for mental illness.

McGovern said “I’m behind Tom Eagleton 1000%. Eagleton was forced off the ticket a few days later. McGovern and Eagleton barely knew each other beforehand. It was a cynical partnership for several reasons, which have been gone into before in this space.

Nixon was going to win easily no matter what. His own stupidity and inferiority complexes got him into the position of having to resign after a 49 state landslide.

16 03 2019
Hard Right

Eagleton had undergone electroshock therapy. (See? They really are nuts!)

My uncle had one of those McGovern $1000 bills. Don’t know what happened to it. Might be worth something now.

I was only 11. I remember it was a big deal in Missouri when Eagleton was chosen. No idea why they picked Shriver as his replacement other than the Kennedy connection.

Now Yang’s gonna give us $1000 a month. Talk about inflation :)

15 03 2019
17 03 2019
Hard Right

Journalists knew about Beto’s activities, but kept quiet


Imagine what would’ve happened if a Republican had been caught stealing long distance.

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