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17 03 2019

Guest post by Puggg

This wants you to think there’s some secret white supremacist conspiracy afoot.  But it’s not any more difficult to explain than the fact that the kind of people involved in the Ferguson protests aren’t exactly an Eagle Scout or Junior Chamber of Commerce or FFA meeting.  It was the wrong side of the tracks sort of people, or people close to the wrong side of the tracks, and wrong side of the tracks stuff tends to happen to people on the wrong side of the tracks, almost always at the hands of the wrong side of the tracks people.

This says that black residents in St. Louis County “tend to live in areas with higher crime rates” – Without giving us a hint (as if we don’t know) who is causing those higher crime rates.




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17 03 2019

Richtig, it’s just a matter of Ferguson being Ferguson-y.

This part, though:

“Something is happening,” said Cori Bush, a frequent leader of the Ferguson protests. “I’ve been vocal about the things that I’ve experienced and still experience — the harassment, the intimidation, the death threats, the death attempts.”

Bush said her car has been run off the road, her home has been vandalized, and in 2014 someone shot a bullet into her car, narrowly missing her daughter, who was 13 at the time.

She suspects white supremacists or police sympathizers. Living under constant threat is exhausting, she said, but she won’t give in.

“They shut us up and they win,” Bush said.

Cori Bush was the one who gave Lazy Clay the closest challenge he has ever gotten, so if anyone is out to get her, it’s the Clay political machine.

18 03 2019

Norm, you said that they weren’t FFA types.

Actually, they were.

FFA: Future Felons of America

18 03 2019

The two burned bodies in cars.

Remember, those were the two that were rumored to be assassinated because they “snitched” to the grand jury, i.e. provided testimony favorable to Darren Wilson.

18 03 2019

Sounds to me like they all died of natural causes, natural to their occupations (drugs) or natural to their associations.

19 03 2019

Fucking niggers. That’s who’s causing the crime. I have a firm grasp of the obvious.

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