Let’s Talk About This.

19 03 2019

Guest post by Puggg

We knew the doer was going to look something like this when the news of the homicides hit yesterday.  It was just a matter of everything becoming official.




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19 03 2019

I am sure that the jews-media will be all over this, and it will be a national news story about an evil white couple who triggered a mentally-ill nigger causing him to stab them to death.

20 03 2019

Any speculation on the motive? (Cough cough, anti-white hate, cough cough). Or are they just going to let it slide? And move on to the real law enforcement outrage back home, from what I see: A Mizzou campus cop once had a muddy face for a few minutes before he took that job.

20 03 2019
David In TN

This suspect is a little unusual for this type of black on white killing. Often it would be a “respectable” black male who didn’t look like “he would do something like this.” And who wouldn’t be out of place in the town.

This is a second hand anecdote from someone who worked law enforcement in a big city: Liberals rationalize black criminality by saying “Whites do it too, look at Manson.”

Exactly. Whites who commit this type crime are drunks, druggies, psychos, or career criminals of some kind. Blacks who do so are often garden variety people.

The above suspect would fall into the psycho-insane category.

Note the suspected killer (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/19/us/alabama-dna-murder-arrest.html) of two white girls in Alabama 20 years ago. He was a classmate of the local (black) police chief.

21 03 2019

That Mizzou cop’s “blackface” was because he was play acting pretending to be some rapper when he was younger.

20 03 2019

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