Algebraic Substitution

20 03 2019

Christchurch, New Zealand

Richard Fernandez, writing in PJM:

But ethnic conflict in the Third World is a dog-bites-man story. What is new about the New Zealand attack is that the terrible plague of tribal score-settling and grievance mongering is now in the West. Not that the West is a stranger to ethnic conflict: the Holocaust, Generalplan Ost, Holodomor, and Polish and Armenian genocides are bywords in themselves. But it was widely assumed that WW2 had seen these off (until Bosnia) and the risks of multiculturalism and mass immigration could be mitigated by immunosuppressive strategies like political correctness and demographic replacement, of which the EU project is a textbook example.

First off, “Generalplan Ost,” “Holdomor” and “Polish and Armenian genocides” are “bywords to themselves” right up there with “Holocaust?”  Is Richard Fernandez writing from an alternate universe?

The second sentence is the one that really throws me.  Even though I know it’s supposed to be the elite consensus in the West, not Fernandez’s opinion.

The solution the the problem of mass immigration is demographic replacement, and the solution to multiculturalism is political correctness. Doing the algebraic substitution, the solution to mass immigration is more mass immigration, and the solution to political correctness is more political correctness.





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