The Salt Mines

20 03 2019


Some of the big issues for me professionally in the last month:

Article 13
Returning ISIS Fighters
Billy Six
MEP Elections
Permanent Summer Time (DST)
Hambacher Forst
City funded drug usage lounges (and I thought Portland, Oregon was nuts)
Brexit me, Brexit me not
Yellow vests
Weltweitfrauentag hypocrisy





One response

21 03 2019

I’ll add that while I’m only following this matter for grins and giggles, it’s starting to look like Monsanto’s board and big stockholders played Bayer for a fool in the merger, cashing out on Monsanto’s profitability before the jury verdicts on Monsanto’s products started rolling in, unloading those problems on someone else. The news of the Roundup verdict, which is now Bayer’s problem, is making certain segments of German public life, politics, media, activism, do the “nanny nanny boo boo we told you so” thing pointing the fingers at Bayer, because they thought (and now it seems like they were right) Bayer buying out Monsanto was a bad idea.

Incidentally, my move here “permanently” (in as much as anything really is) happened at about the same time that Bayer consummated its buyout of Monsanto. Because it involved a major corporation based close to where I moved to (Bayer is based in Leverkusen, across the river and north of Cologne), buying out a major corporation where I moved from (obviously, Monsanto, St. Louis), I figured a few of you in the peanut gallery may have speculated that the reason for the move and the work for me here involved Bayer-Monsanto somehow. Which is why I made it clear in my first post here after the move that it had nothing to do with it.

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