I Get To Do The Wicked Racial Profiling Trick.

24 04 2019

Guest post by Puggg

This trick is really neat and powerful when you get to use it.

Check out this headline:

No pajamas, no hair rollers: High school enforces new dress code for parents

What kind of parents show up to school in pajamas and hair rollers?  Oh yeah, right.

But then it shows these stock images of a white woman in rollers and a white man in pajamas.  The news does that all the time, use deceptive photos to cover up the truth about race.  Just read down in the story, and you’ll get hints of the truth.

I looked it up, and the school listed here is 55% Hispanic and 43% black.



4 responses

24 04 2019

Remember, the Wicked Racial Profiling Trick is only for trained professionals; Do not try this at home.

I see in the story that the principal also put up a dress code for men and fathers, including no oversized white t-shirts or baggy pants. However, I doubt that such is much of a problem at these schools, because fathers or babydaddys aren’t much found or around.

We know that this rule was established because of the black mothers and their pajamas and jiffy pop bags.

24 04 2019
24 04 2019
Tom MacGyver

‘Want the truth on the perps of these “dress code violations?” Go to Wal-Mart! Hell; at least the PJ’s on the “ferrinstance” photo in the article were CLEAN! For that matter, so was the HAIR in the other photo!

25 04 2019

Should be glad that the vibrants do not show up naked or in loin-cloths. Always look at the silver-lining when dealing with the darkies.

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