Who Murdered Better Together?

7 05 2019

Downtown St. Louis;  Clayton

When the official Better Together plan officially dropped just a little more than three months ago, I happened to be in Berlin on that day, making thinking about the concept of reunification a bit ironic.  So I also figured on a new snarky name to call the whole St. Louis City and County reunification effort:  Louschaltung.  Think:  St. (LOU)is + Gleichschaltung.  The latter term when used as a common gerund means “coordination” or “phasing in” (“Gleich” = Equal, “Schaltung” = Shifting or Switching), and when used as a proper noun, it means the NSDAP regime’s program of eliminating political regionalism and federalism and compelling Germans to give up thinking of themselves in local or regional terms and think of themselves purely as Germans.

At least the Gleichschaltung lasted for more than three months.  Hell, at least the Gleichschaltung was actually implemented.

Before I called it the Louschaltung, I called it the Steve and Lyda Show, after its two most notable St. Louis advocates, then-St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger, and St. Louis City Mayor Lyda Krewson, and their joint press conference to tout the concept several years ago.  In reality, from the vantage point of St. Louis’s civic elites, its dog patch deep state, this effort has been in the works since 2006.  In fact, I can point to the exact date that convinced St. Louis’s dog patch deep state that city-county reunification is something that should happen:  October 30, 2006.  That was one day after the Cardinals won the 2006 World Series, over Detroit, and then on that day, the Morgan Quitno most dangerous cities crime rankings came out, and St. Louis was #1 and Detroit #2.  Well, out of the morass of Official St. Louis having a forked tongue reaction to the rankings, either they said the rankings were deceptive because reasons, or they said they were true so we needed to pass a sales tax for recreation centers, Official St. Louis eventually came to the consensus that the bad news needs to stop, and that the way to do it was to start another effort to reunify St. Louis City and County, so that the merged polity can have a common police department and most importantly a common crime reporting mechanism and common crime statistic.  This would serve to use St. Louis County’s white people as statistical cover for St. Louis City’s violent blacks (and after August 2014, they got even more violent for several years).

Fast forward to today.

Who murdered Better Together?

That the TOD is very close to the fall of Steve Stenger gradually then suddenly, it’s too easy to pawn this off on him.  That’s because his replacement as County Executive, Sam Page, while I really don’t know anything about him, because he was no longer in the General Assembly when I started my several years as a lobbyist, he is probably someone that, even if he didn’t initially agree with the Louschaltung, could be made one of those offers he couldn’t refuse.

Here’s my prime suspect:

B-L-A-C-K.  Namely, NAACP.

Remember, I wrote that, when the Louschaltung’s official nuts-and-bolts proposal was released, that all this talk about social justice and law enforcement was deliberately designed to appeal to black voters, to overcome their fears that the merger will cost a lot of black people their public service jobs for municipalities and other public entities that would be eliminated.  Well, just look at my comment in our favorite doggy’s post here about Steve Stenger’s resignation more than a week ago.  From a distance, I saw this hoopla about the St. Louis NAACP out of the corner of my eye, but I didn’t give it any thought or care at first;  I presumed it was over some trifle, like a bank account, or someone firing someone else’s favorite niece.  But since our favorite doggy called my close attention to it, turns out the St. Louis NAACP palace coup was entirely about the Louschaltung, that the now ousted leader supports it, while next to nobody else within does.

I instantly concluded that it was very bad news for the Louschaltung.  Because it would need an overwhelming landslide majority from black voters in St. Louis County in order to overcome the relatively significant opposition from red-white voters in the County;  Such as that was, all this talk about “tax savings” was designed to blunt their opposition to try to keep their margin of disapproval manageable.  But if the Louschaltung is so unpopular within the local NAACP such that it results in the President being tossed out on his ears, then it probably means there’s nowhere close to landslide support for it among black voters on the ground, probably it would lose the black vote overall.

Long and short:  What killed Better Together is that St. Louis County’s blacks weren’t having it.




5 responses

7 05 2019

This means that St. Louisans will suddenly stop hearing the theory officially posited that city limits signs cause violent crime.

7 05 2019

In the coming weeks and months, as the political autopsy is done on the corpse of B/T, I predict that more and more St. Louisans will see what I’ve been saying all along about B/T, that the insurance industry was the really big life blood of B/T.

7 05 2019

whatre some good search terms to loon up your evals of.b/t and insurance? id love to read up.

7 05 2019
Alright Dan

I just got done listening to KMOX’s round table on the end of Better Together in the nine in the morning hour, and your theory that blacks not wanting it was what really killed it was brought up. But mostly they chalked it up to Better Together not having any there there and being just a paper tiger funded by Rex Sinqefeld.

7 05 2019

Beat me to it. I sorta dragged my heels on work so I could stay in the car and listen to the whole thing.

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