Who-ber Alles?

10 05 2019


A nontroversy in this country over the past week has now become an international nontroversy today.

It’s this bit about a new German national anthem.

All a PR stunt on the part of a politician of a dying party who knows his party is dying and also that he’s on his way out the door after the Thuringian state elections in October.  Bodo Ramelow, the Premier of Thuringia, on the Die Linke (“The Left”) Party, that is.  A last dying gasp at mattering.

In fact, this fall, three states in the former East Germany hold state elections, where the AfD is expected to make very big gains:  Brandenburg (September 1), capital Potsdam, it’s the state that surrounds Berlin, and both Thuringia and Saxony on October 27.  in Saxony (Dresden the capital), the AfD is widely expected to finish in first place, and has an outside chance to do so with an absolute majority.  Saxony is of course the AfD’s strongest state, it finished in first place in the 2017 Federals.

After the events of the approximate year between October 7, 1989 and October 3, 1990, which I’ve written about here in recent times, the East German Socialist Unity Party suddenly became unpopular, you know, because reasons, and some of its people rebooted around democratic socialism, and formed Die Linke.  Along with it, they rebooted Neues Deutschland (“New Germany”), which was to East Germany what Pravda was to the Soviet Union, to a democratic socialist editorial bent, under the tutelage of Die Linke.   ND is still being published to this day.

So, ideologically speaking, they left the communism behind, but not the anti-nationalism.  Which, other than the fact that this is all a publicity stunt, a last chance that a politically dying politician has to make an impact on the world, anti-nationalism is the ideology which informs his demand.

A demand that next to nobody is taking seriously.

The whole irony is that the current official lyrics of “Das Lied der Deutschen” (informally:  “Deutschland Uber Alles”) has been watered down after the outcome of 1945.  For instance, it’s considered bad form to sing “Uber alles in die welt” (“Over everything in the world”), because Germans are supposed to feel guilt over Mustache Man Bad making Germany uber Poland, uber Czechoslovakia, uber Austria, uber The Netherlands, uber a good chunk of Russia, and so on.  So to me, to ditch the currently already neutered already social justice-y German national anthem because social justice seems like buying the cow when you’re already getting the milk for free.




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11 05 2019
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