Topping Gillette’s Stupidity

15 05 2019


I don’t have to buy that much food for myself, because I’m on the German equivalent of the rubber chicken circuit, except the grub is a hell of a lot better. Someone is always shoving free food under my snoot. 

Which is a good thing, because overall, by my estimation, controlling for portion size, converting metric portion sizes into customary, and converting prices in Euros to Dollars, groceries in Germany are about 40% more expensive than they are in the United States.  Realizing that Germany has the lowest grocery store type food prices in Western Europe.

What little I have to buy and buy from a box-type store, I use Kaufland, which is the upscale marquee for Lidl, and Lidl is the “other” Aldi in Germany, and in fact, Lidl expanded into the United States about two years ago.

That said, if I ever had a notion to go to Edeka, I don’t now.

Edeka, headquarters in Hamburg…of course.  The open air insane asylum of Germany.

While it’s easy for you to see what’s going on with this without me needing to translate, I’ll do it below.

VIDEO TITLE: We Say Thank You

Thank you.

Thank you for always being there for me.

You take care of me.

You have an intuition for the right moment.

I can always tell you everything.

And you always listen to me.

You are my role model and you support me however you can.

Thank you, that you are so beautiful.

And that you have such tact.

Mom, thanks for not being Dad.




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15 05 2019

This was supposed to be a Mother’s Day ad, which means it was out last week, in fact, uploaded ten days ago, and it’s a YouTube-only ad. Runtime of 1:19 means it wouldn’t fit into your usual 30 or 60 second television window. So it’s no surprise this is YT-only.

I just first heard about it yesterday. For one, the German media said boo about it, at least in my recent field of vision. For another, my nose in the grindstone has been just about entirely in hard core political news, during this the MEP season.

But someone at the gathering I was at last night brought it up, and I pulled out my phone.

15 05 2019

One of the top comments on the YT comment thread:

Gillette: Wir haben die männerfeindlicheste Werbekampagne des Jahres gemacht!
Edeka: Halt mal eben meine Sojamilch…


Gillette: We have made the most man-demonizing publicity campaign of the year!
Edeka: Stop, hold my soymilk.

15 05 2019
The Gentle Grizzly

That was vile. Just… vile.

15 05 2019

Thought experiment:

Father’s Day ad. Son thanks his father for everything, while the visuals are of his mother behaving in manners suggestive of ill repute. The end line: “Dad, thanks for not being mom.”

How well would that go over?

Of course, we wouldn’t have to ask, because nobody would release such an ad on behalf of a supposedly respectable institution.

16 05 2019

is it really all that bad, just the same dad-mom trope you’d find in the 60’s-90’s sitcom. Dad is the breadwinner, mom is the house keeper. since when is dad going to listen to some kid kvetch about bullshit problems?

i was expecting it to be two gay guys on the couch.

17 05 2019
Alright Dan

A little bit of dad’s butt crack and suggestive masturbation.

22 05 2019

A week after I wrote this, and 17 days after it was uploaded, 13k likes and 60k dislikes.

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