Why Society Considers Child Pornography To Be Very Wrong.

5 06 2019

Guest post by Puggg

It’s because people that make or watch it and the people that molest children often turn out to be the same people.

From Channel 4, about the break in the Angie Housman murder.

Sources tell News 4 the suspect is a 61-year-old white male who is in civilly confined in North Carolina.

The man was serving time on child pornography charges out of Colorado and was later criminally confined under the Adam Walsh Act – which allows authorities to keep a convict beyond their sentence, if a panel of experts deem the person is likely to re-offend.

A family member of the suspect tells News 4 she is horrified and disgusted. She hopes this serves as a reminder for parents to closely watch their children.

Before that 1990’s arrest in Colorado, the suspect was court-martialed from the Air Force in 1982 for molesting four girls.  He was stationed at Rhein-Main Air Base in Germany at the time.

News 4 will not identify the suspect until formal charges are filed, which is expected to come within the week.

Why wasn’t the Pentagon able to keep him chained up for the 1982 molestations long enough so that he wasn’t running around free to be able to molest and murder Angie Housman?  It’s probably because the criminal laws they had available to them at that time were weak.




One response

8 06 2019

Rhein-Main was the USAF base affixed to Frankfurt Airport. When it was no longer needed, the real estate was handed over to Fraport, the management company for the airport, with the intentions of adding runways to the airport. That was something like twenty years ago, but no new runways. Then again, I’ve learned with the Berlin-Brandenburg boondoggle that snails crawl faster than German airports are built or expanded.

After reading this, I was expecting someone in the German media and specifically FAZ to pick up on the story, but they haven’t.

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