Quick Turnaround

14 07 2019

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

One year ago today, my German and Czech vacation was through, the month and a half grand loop was finished, and we lifted off from Frankfurt to head back to dear ole St. Louis.

At that moment, I had no idea that: (1) I would ever be back, (2) More than that, how soon I would be back, (3) The circumstances that would bring me back, and (4) Even more than all that, how soon I would find out that I would be coming back.

However, if you would have told me then that the circumstances involved me accidentally talking myself into a job while on the vacation, I probably would have accurately theorized when and where it happened.

But, back to a year ago, and knowing what eventually happened, it was the start of a really weird and transitory month and a half in my life.  I now call mid-July to Labor Day 2018 my interregnum.


On the vacation, Speyer was a city we visited on one of the very final days.  At that time, they were getting set up for the Pretzel Festival.  We couldn’t stay for its start, but I got a little taste (pun intended) of what it would be like.

Little did I know then that by the time the next one would roll around, I would actually be able to go to it, which I did (with someone else) this weekend.


This coming Friday is that day on the calendar.  I’ll have some thoughts and a big announcement then.



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