A$AP Rocky, Explained

23 07 2019


The purpose of this post isn’t to argue over whether President Kardashian-West-Bieber-Kushner should or should not be weaponizing Foggy Bottom to spring Rocky loose.  If you want to do that, you can go right ahead in the comment section.

Though I will say that the Swedish judiciary has a whole lot of separation and independence from Swedish politicians, so it is probably the case that there’s nothing that the officials from the incumbent government can do.

The occasion for this post is to explain why Rocky is being charged at all.

The whole saga sits at the intersectionality of recent non-white immigration into Sweden, and the country’s criminalization of self-defense.

The first part is more well known to most people who are reading these words, and it plays into the story because the guy that Rocky had a conflict with is described as a “Middle Easterner.”  A conflict that looks to me like legit self-defense in American eyes.

It’s the second part that needs a little explanation.

For a long time, Sweden was a homogeneously Swedish-Scandinavian-cuck country.  Meaning that violent crime was very low, and the kind of violent crime that one could legitimately defend one’s self against, using American-style legal precepts of self-defense, was virtually unheard of.  The reason self-defense is a crime in Sweden is because nobody ever really needed to do it legitimately.  If one engaged in a behavior that Americans now consider self-defense, then it was only because you were defending yourself against some bad act that you either wholly caused, partially caused, provoked, or had it coming.  If you’re the wrong side of the tracks, defending yourself against the wrong side of the tracks, you’re still the wrong side of the tracks, and doing wrong side of the tracks-y stuff, and the Polis were going to bring you in.

In recent decades, Sweden has imported a lot of mystery meat, which means that unprovoked violent crime has gone up.  Swedish legal-cultural precepts have been much slower to change with it.

The same is more or less true for much of the rest of the Europe, though it varies by country.




3 responses

28 07 2019
Alex the Goon

the Swedish judiciary has a whole lot of separation and independence from Swedish politicians
If that means Swedish politicians enjoy similar separation and independence from the Swedish judiciary, we should envy them.

29 07 2019

You probably know this but I found it interesting the law in Germany that prevents media from mentioning race in crime reports except when absolutely necessary (that means committed by whites) was put in place to cover up crimes of dindu US soldiers.


30 07 2019

Yet there has been quite a bit of race discussion in the German media relating to what happened yesterday in Frankfurt. See my social feeds for that.

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