Real Housewives of Cologne

15 08 2019


So you want to know how it went last night meeting her family.

I think I might have walked right into the middle of a real life reality show. More than that, my walking in is what sparked the drama.

First things first: Her father and I hit it off pretty decently. That was the sine qua non of the whole evening for my initial concern. While nobody there was naive about what anyone there is doing with anyone else, not least of all her father vis-a-vis his older daughter and myself, I still wanted the evening to end with her father and I not disliking each other, at the bare minimum. Turns out he and I have some things in common, which is probably one of the reasons why she likes me so much. If our relationship is a long termer, I can see how he and I could be assets to each other on occasion, other than just purely getting along well. More than that I cannot add so publicly.

Things went okay as well with her mother.

But then, her sister and her brother-in-law.

Whoa boy.

Just to set the scale, you already know I’m 42 and the g/f is 32. Her father is 61, mother 57. Sister, her only sibling, is 30. Her husband is about to turn 30.


That wound up helping me put a few pieces of the puzzle together. The g/f and I had already discussed our previous difficulties and bad luck with the opposite sex before now. At first, I thought her problems with men were just the same generic sort of bad luck that I have had with women. And some of that might still be true. But once I got a whiff of the soyboy-in-law, I started to think that her “bad luck” with men is nothing more than her getting tired of the soyboy army of western Germany, and for the fact that she would rather be alone than end up with a wuss like her brother-in-law. So I come along into her life almost a year ago now, sorta like the average guy from the year 2005 who winds up time travelling to the year 2505 in Idiocracy. I’m no big time alpha myself, but in the land of the blind…

Then there was the sister. Half the evening it seems like, she stared at me like I was some kind of T-Bone steak and she was a desperately hungry wolf. Everyone else at the table knew it, and could see it, and figured out what was going on, except for the oblivious soyboy, who seemed like he was gawking at his phone half the evening. I certainly hope, for my own personal sake, and ironically so, that, in that marriage, she does all of the automobile driving.

If our relationship is a long term one, then we’re going to have to contend with the chronic threat of her sister trying to get in between the two of us. Complicating matters will be her father, her mother and the soyboy, how those personalities intertwine with the drama and politics of it all.

But for this, I would be indifferent about the sister, she’s there, takes up space, but I neither like nor dislike her.  But because of this, I’m praying that her job soon transfers her to Outer Mongolia.

After it was over, and the g/f and I broke ranks to went back to her place, we talked about this (and did other things), and were of the same mind on everything. Except she said that she should have been able to foresee the whole sister problem, and seen to it that she and her soyboy weren’t there. I would have agreed, except I told her that if we do go long term, it would have been inevitable that they would have been introduced into the social mix. Meaning the problems would have started later rather than sooner, but they still would have started.

If only her parents would have stopped after one.

And stay tuned for the next episode of Real Housewives of Cologne. But none too soon, because I’m about to catch a train later today, and I’ll be away from this budding drama to the tune of three weeks and a few hundred miles, er, kilometers.



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15 08 2019

Well, a little drama never hurt anyone. Makes for good books well.

15 08 2019
Alright Dan

And TV.

15 08 2019

Really though, I don’t expect this drama to resume until I finish rehab for good then business in Erfurt then go back to Cologne for good, and that won’t be until about the end of October. Because once I’m done with Potsdam, I resume rehab from early September to mid-October, and I’ll only be stopping in Cologne just long enough to check up on things and to spend some time with the g/f, before I trek back down to Wiesbaden to resume rehab.

15 08 2019
David In TN


Thanks for your comment at AR concerning the denouement of the Christian-Newsom Knoxville Horror. Yes, a serious discussion of this crime and similar ones along with the other public issues they effect is needed.

This is something the MSM and the culture in general refuses to do.

I watched the live stream of the Boyd trial and wrote a series of article for a Los Angeles based true crime blog. BTW the lady who runs it is a big liberal who hates Trump.

But she wanted me to cover (and did starting in 2009) it for her site. The story was unknown in Los Angeles and the readers were shocked.

When shown some black on white atrocity, a reaction is “Look at Manson.”

Exactly, whites who do this kind of thing are druggies, drunks, psychos, etc. Blacks who do so are often garden variety people.

Of the five perps in the C-N Horror, two (Boyd and Davidson) were career criminal types, drug dealing, stickups, carjacking, etc. The other three (Cobbins, Coleman, Thomas) were garden variety blacks. Thomas had no prior record. Coleman, the lone female, came from a middle class two parent family. Cobbins had a relatively minor rap sheet.

The perps went out that night to “steal a car.” They could easily have dumped the victims out, drove off, and left them alive. Do you think Boyd and Davidson couldn’t have found a chop shop? Why bring Channon and Chris back to your house?

And all five took part in the hideous violence inflicted on the victims. A close study of the case permits no other conclusion.

To repeat, white liberals cannot face the issue. Nor can those the Blogmeister calls Normie Conservatives.

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