Weekend Open Thread

24 08 2019

Guest post by Puggg

If anyone’s still home, here’s your open thread.

I’m sure you all saw the two different shootings at two different football jamborees last night, one was by Soldan on the north side, and the other at Parkway North.  Of course we know who was behind both.  If this is the way it’s going to be, then basketball season is going to be fun.

Then the Illinois trooper from Waterloo murdered in the line of duty yesterday serving a warrant in Washington Park.

I’ll close my part with this.  Our normal host says that the way to stop mass shooters is to cut off their publicity.  They just brought in one in Jefferson City who threatened one on the internet, and he told the detectives that he wanted to outdo the ones in Columbine 20 years ago because he thought they were wusses.



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24 08 2019
Alright Dan

The chief in the city night time press conference about the one by Soldan last night just went up on You Tube.

24 08 2019

Saw the football jamboree shooting stories just a short while ago. The jamborees involve mashing together multiple high schools and their teams and fans in one school, so I would imagine that involved stored up social media beef and banter. In the case of the one that happened at Soldan, that was technically a mass shooting, four or more vics in one event. But the only reason the story is getting any traction is because of the innocent girl that got shot and died for it. However, it goes back to my point I made here earlier, that black mass shootings don’t move the needle, and why they don’t.

Also, I think I’m on the verge of a profundity. Either it will be a profundity, or I’m late to the party. I will be combining this news about the football jamborees, and something else that I see happened in St. Louis sports-wise earlier this week, (if you read my Minds feed, you might already have a hint), and something that happened in Portland, Oregon yesterday. Obviously I can’t do it tonight, but I might be able to get to it tomorrow evening.

24 08 2019
Alright Dan

Can’t wait.

24 08 2019
24 08 2019
25 08 2019
Alright Dan

One of the victims in that one near downtown in a Loft was 10 years old.

There was one on the far south side overnight, on Vermont Ave.

City’s going nuts.

25 08 2019
26 08 2019
Alright Dan

That one in the loft. Now the loft and the people in it are wondering how it could have happened. I think it was one of these redevelopment of an old factory or warehouse west of Downtown into lofts, and part of the deal was that they had to put one or a few units aside as Section 8 or affordable or low income. The people involved in what happened probably lived in one of those.


26 08 2019

“Conventional policing tactics are not enough”

But they can’t do even conventional policing tactics anymore, because of all the political complaining from certain people when they do.


27 08 2019
29 08 2019

kim gardner declines to charge the guy who claimed responsibility for killing the girl

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