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26 08 2019

Portland, Oregon

portland soccer protest

Two things happened within four days that either made me come to a profound observation, or made me late to the game, or in this case, the match.

Back on Tuesday, Major League Soccer awarded St. Louis a franchise.  Back in May 2017, city voters turned down a proposition that would have helped fund a soccer stadium west of Union Station.  What must have happened in the meantime is that private money came together.   I see one of the sources is Enterprise Rent-a-Car, and Carolyn Kindle Betz in specific.  Remember, Jack Taylor, who I know died recently, was a really big sports nut.  He hired many a former Mizzou athlete who never made it to or in the pros at Enterprise.

But I digress.

To me, one of the things that happened in reaction to it was the really curious and interesting thing relating to it, rather than it itself.

It’s the fact that, the night after, the parties and celebrations happened in The Grove, St. Louis’s big concentration of gay bars and establishments.

Hold that thought.

Three days later, on Friday, there was an MLS game, Seattle at Portland.  During the game, there was a planned and deliberate silent protest by fans of both teams.  MLS prohibits overtly political signs and banners and displays, and this has made soccer fans in both cities upset, because they want to bring in what is called the Iron Front, which is, the southwesterly-pointing triple down arrows, associated with Antifa.  As you can see, and check out ESPN, SI and The Oregonian, especially the latter’s photo gallery, there were lots of rainbow flags being flown as part of this silent protest.

So, you have gay, soccer, St. Louis, and gay, soccer, Portland and Seattle.


It’s now becoming apparent that American high level and professional men’s soccer and especially its fandom is becoming a flash point for LGBTQ and Antifa, and probably also other associated sectors.  Of course, it has been obvious for a long time the significant crossover between high level and professional women’s soccer and lesbianism.


On this continent plus Cuck Island, if there are any political connotations to soccer, they are populist and nationalist, due to the fact that the organizational model is ground up, and club-centered, (e.g. most of the clubs in this year’s Bundesliga are way older than the Bundesliga itself, an alien concept to American sports fans), as opposed to the league and franchise centered nature of the MLS (note that St. Louis was awarded a franchise) and the American sports business model in general.  While I can understand, and in fact, have personally seen multiple times since living in Germany, how club-centered soccer is conducive to populism and nationalism, I don’t grok how a league-centered soccer business would necessarily contribute to the political opposite, American soccer fandom being heavily gay and Antifa.

Another theory I can come up with is that gay-Antifa-left in the United States are merely countersignaling against the other football, and how its territorial imperative potentially feeds a nationalist mindset.  Even though here in the real world, the photographic negative and ally of the soyboy left, the black undertow thug-excusing BLM/SJW milieu, are converging football.  That’s not counting the less recent events of the last three generations, where TPTB used football as an anti-nationalist weapon to wear down white Southern resistance to integration and the civil rights movement, and continues to do so today to dampen white reaction to the violent and stupid black underclass and undertow.

Maybe even more disconcerting than that is that LGBTQ-Antifa are latching onto soccer as a silent sort of elitist and hypocritical method to protest and separate themselves from the black undertow and its love of football.  That which makes Dontravious a great cornerback is that which also makes him a bad citizen — The ability to make quick impulsive reactionary decisions serves him well in the defensive secondary but horribly in the bars.

These last two theories I mention may well intertwine.  Antifa de la Soyboy in Portland loves soccer because xe hates football, and xe hates football because one group of people xe politically despises likes it, and another group of people xe personally fears plays it.

One more thing:  St. Louis now has a soccer team, big whoop.  The Region in which I live all by itself has six teams in this season’s Bundesliga.



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26 08 2019
David In TN

Going back around 50 years, a sector of the left in the US has been encouraging the growth of soccer. At the same time, there was a spate of “football is dehumanizing” propaganda, a fad for about five years or so.

26 08 2019
Alright Dan

I knew there was just quite something I didn’t quite like about soccer but couldn’t put my fingers on it.

26 08 2019

“I don’t grok how a league-centered soccer business would necessarily contribute to the political opposite, American soccer fandom being heavily gay and Antifa.” < I think you hit upon something there m'boy. It's that Antifa/LGBTQLMNOP are more comfortable around corporate America, which they know they have eating out of the palm of their hand, than they are around "ground-up" rooted Americans (and Germans). Globohomo vs. Small Town Chads and Stacys.

26 08 2019
29 08 2019

A secret squirrel informed me that this very post was discussed in the second half of the most recent TRS.

Audio here:

I listened to as much as I could, and I think I heard the entire soccer segment. The only mention of this space was “some right-wing blog.”

30 08 2019
Sebastian Hawks

Oh, it’s quite simple to me, a leftover hatred from high school of the “jocks.” My guess is these people were more likely involved in “Theatre” back then and hated, feared, and envied the jock alpha crowd who took the popular route of being into football and cheerleading.

6 09 2019
25 09 2019
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11 10 2019

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