We’re Being Set Up

10 09 2019

Norman, Oklahoma

I don’t have time in the current moment to expound to way that I want to about this matter.

So, for now, I’ll just put it this way:

I think American culture and society is being set up to accept pharmaceutical malfeasance as the proximate causation of the opiate crisis, all to distract from what I think is the real, official and institutional anti-white hatred.

To put it in a bon mot, I consider this rather than this to be far more responsible for all the opiate and heroin deaths and lives destroyed.



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10 09 2019

Well, it is blacks/browns/yellows (supported by and protected by jews) who are producing and distributing drugs like a tidal-wave across America and ensnaring millions of whites.

11 09 2019
Sebastian Hawks

If pharmaceuticals expected to get rich selling opiates, thousand year old drugs that should be in the public domain like Aspirin, it shows just how corrupt our legal system is. That they could be allowed to sell that stuff at such high prices exposes how the game is rigged to rip us off. Still though, is it the actual pills you get from pharmacies causing all these deaths? Or is it people resorting to black market knockoffs full of Fentanyl after doctors have tightened up the cause of the fatal overdoses?

11 09 2019

That’s part of my case. We’re being sold on the notion that scripts caused street.

I happen to think that scripts probably caused street in a percentage, but scripts have their own discrete problems while street have their own discrete problems.

It’s just that trial lawyers want a nice lucrative profitable target, and pharmas are just that.

To me, we can have the debate about the scripts-street causation, if any, but I think it’s ultimately academic and pointless. I’m more interested in the underlying fundamental causes that caused both scripts and street.

And you already know what I think is the answer.

Here’s a twist:

In this country, there is an opiate epidemic, involving street, that is comparable in percentage terms to the street op epidemic in the United States. But here’s the kicker: Outpatient op scripts were far far far less common in this country and this continent than they ever were in the United States.

13 09 2019
Sebastian Hawks

Could the rise of all these opiates be that quietly, the US realized that the dope dealers were the only ones strong enough in Afghanistan to keep the place out of the hands of the Taliban and let it go on? And after a decade of cheap dope flooding the world the Chinese started to flood the market with their “Fentanyl” the same way the Chinese will always kill any product with cheap knock offs of dubious quality?

The other question is how were these pharmaceuticals able to get patents on public domain drugs used for thousands of years? Same as how my doctor said the keep “tweaking the coating” of some decades old ulcerative colitis medicine so they can charge $700 a month for something they can make for $5 without any generic competition.

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