Conflict-Free Avocados

24 10 2019

Morelia, Mexico

Get ready to start hearing that phrase.


This, and this.

Just as it’s the fault of first world highly industrialized digital economies for having a high demand for minerals that just so happen to be where violent aggressive negroes inhabit, it will soon also be the fault of first world berry munchers that avocados just happen to grow where violent aggressive Indos inhabit.

Which means the solutions are either absolutely intolerable (quit making CPUs), undesirable (don’t eat avocados), improbable (asking third world people to develop first world civil societies, non-violent business conflict resolution systems, and a high trust and high social capital culture), bigoted (colonialize the areas where violent aggressive non-whites live and impose such systems upon them), or difficult (find ways to get CPU minerals and avocados that aren’t near violent aggressive non-whites).

Nobody’s paying attention to my solution:  Honey Badger.



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