3 11 2019


A non-existent political party got the Dresden City Council to declare officially a Nazi emergency, back on Wednesday.


I highly suspect a /pol/ style massive epic troll operation.

And also, where’s Kurt Vonnegut when you need him?

Note:  Dresden is Germany’s hub for internet startups, so you can probably see how Dresden’s urban political culture is way different from the state of Saxony, and Dresden is the state’s capital.  The AfD finished in first place in the state in the 2017 Bundestag and 2019 MEP, and I’ve already told you why it wasn’t the same for the 2019 Landtag.  State governments in Germany have most of the say when it comes to education and law enforcement, so state government elections are considered more high stakes than the Bundestag or MEP.



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18 12 2019
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