Real Housewives of Cologne, Episode 2

3 11 2019


Our relationship has now survived and thrived through all the challenges of time and distance separation either one of us could throw at it.

I got back to Cologne in enough time back on Thursday for the g/f to bring me along to her work’s Halloween party;  That’s how serious things have gotten, and also how the time apart didn’t hurt the relationship.  She wanted to show me off to her colleagues.  It was too late to get some sort of dress-up or costume, so I just went as her boyfriend, which was a scary enough gitup.

Since I wasn’t born yesterday, I knew her ulterior motive:  Since I was back in town, she was doing the body language thing to her female colleagues that I’m taken, and if any of them even dared, there would be workplace cohesion and comity issues, courtesy of herself.  Basically, she doesn’t want repeats of her sister.

Before now, I had two serious girlfriends where I thought maybe possibly…but both wound up failing, the earlier one just got tired of me, the latter one that relationship I ruined with my own mouth.  The first one I had before I started this medium, the second was my g/f when I lived in Carbondale through 2009, so those of you who have been here that long will probably remember that whole saga, to the extent I wrote about it in this space at the time.

And before present company, the rest of my g/fs were just short and medium termers with no serious long term prospects.

Present company absolutely blows way past the previous two I mentioned in terms of seriousness. I’m almost ready to call her The One.

But, since things are now that serious, and by “that” serious, I mean that that that serious, I have some due diligence, to, well, do. Just as I did No Nut November in October, this month is going to be Due Diligence November. And really, more than the separation, more than the catch as catch can nature of our relationship, and more than her sister’s treachery, this will be the most risky part and time of our relationship. Doing my due diligence to find out for sure whether we can go all the way may be what busts our relationship apart.

Needless to say, I better buckle up.  And not just because I’m also doing due diligence on new cars;  Already did two test drives this long holiday weekend, Friday was a holiday (“Allerheiligen,” or “All Saints”) in some German states, including NRW.

Speaking of her sister, unfortunately no, she hasn’t given up, as I had hoped that two and a half months of time would have made her do.  As long as I’m around, she’s going to keep on keeping on. The g/f and I are just going to have to mitigate her.


In unrelated matters, I saw the prodigal roommate for the first time in months. He is all but 100% sure to be permanently confined to his wheelchair, and while he’s put on a brave and happy face for how much and how well I’ve recovered, I know it has to hurt him and make him sad to some extent. Like I’ve said, my current official residence with the prodigal roommate is designed for gimps, and, provided I make it to the 14th of next month with no setbacks, I’ll no longer be an official gimp, and therefore, no longer need handicapped housing. Which means I’ll be finding a place of my own.



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3 11 2019

I don’t know what weekends are anymore, even regular size ones, much less long ones.

3 11 2019
Alright Dan

No Nut November

I’m scared to ask.

4 11 2019

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